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7 Moving Tips for Those Relocating Within Orange County

Relocating to a new OC city without following our moving tips can last much longer than you want. Sure, it’s still all possible, but you’ll probably make more than one mistake along the way and lose your patience several times. To avoid unnecessary complications, just follow our proven tips for moving and relocate like a pro without experiencing any troubles.

How Can I Make Moving Out Easier?

Wonder what the most efficient way to move is? People are always trying to find a way to make unpleasant tasks easier and more enjoyable. It is the same when it comes to relocating. Sure, this might be overall a positive experience, but the real struggle is the relocation process itself. All that stuff and furniture you have to get from one place to another and not enough time can make you prone to mistakes and forgetfulness. 

No one said it’s easy, but it can be much easier if you follow the advice mentioned in this article. Firstly, you’ll have to create a schedule and decide what to relocate and where. After that, you’ll have to get some quality equipment and use it to protect your most precious inventory. Learn how to do it with our hacks, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Woman with boxes preparing to relocate with Orange County movers
Relocating to a new house can be much easier if you follow these packing and moving tips

#1 Start as Soon as Possible

When should I start packing to move? Once you have enough good reasons to move, you’ve checked some best buy locations in OC and found your dream home – the time for relocation is ideal. The sooner you start planning it – the better. You’ll be much more efficient and less stressed out if you don’t have to move in a hurry

You can begin your preparations by having a small gathering or planning a going-away party where you’ll let your friends and family know you’re relocating. They can maybe offer you some help or advice for your upcoming move so don’t wait for the last moment to tell them.

Organize Important Documents, Change Your Address, and Transfer Utilities in Advance

Another task to handle at the very beginning is organizing important documents. Personal documents and files are among the items movers won’t move, so you’ll have to reorganize, protect and handle them with care. Changing your address and transferring utilities are other easy but yet important tasks many people forget about in a hurry. 

It can save you from potential complications such as getting mail from previous residents or paying utilities for two places at once. It is also important because of the insurance and medical records that need to be updated. If you’re relocating with pets, you’ll maybe need some papers as proof of their vaccination if you will be changing the vet.

Organized files in a binder
One of the best tips for moving is to start as soon as possible and begin with documents

#2 You Need to Decide What Is Really Worth Relocating

Wonder what to keep when relocating? This is probably one of the most challenging questions you’ll ask yourself during this process. While being rational, people are also still emotional beings that often get attached to material stuff. Whether we’re talking about a favorite pair of jeans that are worn out, furniture, books, or candles. 

Everything that brings us certain pleasant feelings and memories is something we can’t get rid of so easily. Unfortunately, this is the time when you have to stop yourself from keeping unnecessary belongings and make a packing list of items that are actually useful and worth relocating. If you don’t want to throw away all of the stuff, you can always organize a garage sale and give your belongings a new life, plus earn some extra bucks.

What Should You Move First When Moving? Write a Checklist to Follow 

The common practice is to begin with items held in storage areas. These items are usually something we don’t frequently use, at least not every day. Otherwise, we wouldn’t keep them there. Seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, tools, and picnic equipment can be packed first at the very beginning of the process. Create a checklist and organize stuff according to how often you use them.

Decluttering list
Every list of moving tips and tricks always starts with decluttering

#3 Organize Your Move and Don’t Let the Stress Get You

A substantial to-do list is something that can literally become your most important tool in the process. This will be your guide, assistant, and best friend. Write it carefully and always leave space to add some new tasks that might show up unexpectedly. It will keep you focused, organized, and motivated when things get hard. 

Motivate Yourself By Making Frequents Breaks 

One of the best relocation hacks is to give yourself small treats here and there that will keep you going even when things get difficult. For example, if you’re a coffee-lover, you should treat yourself with a coffee break after packing a room in your home. You’ll have a treat, some rest, and you’ll gain the much-needed energy to continue with your tasks. Some other options can be eating some sweets, taking a short walk, buying yourself a lunch and so on.

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Fight the Stress 

Relocation stress is something that often comes in waves during this process, no matter how well you are prepared. Don’t worry, there are ways to reduce it and avoid unnecessary stressful situations. First of all, you’ll have to think through all the activities and look for blind spots – things you believe you can’t do on your own or know nothing about. 

Usually, these are activities where things can get out of hand and lead to anxiety (the fear of the unknown) and related stress. On the other hand, if you do proper research on different subjects, get familiar with the process, look for assistance when needed, and maintain your routine, you’ll be just fine.

Girls riding bikes
Learn how to control your stress and take the right actions

#4 Plan Your Budget and Try to Stay Within It

The budget plan always tends to get out of control. No matter how hard we try to cover everything in our expenses checklist, unexpected payments keep occurring and hindering our plans. Luckily, there are few ways to ensure they don’t disturb your inner peace and mess with your plans. Set a limit for starters. 

One for housing, one for buying packing supplies, one for professional services, move-out cleaning, house decorations, and so on. The plan has to be adjusted to your current savings, income, and the financial possibilities of your family members, roommates, or partners if you are moving in together. Then add some money for those unexpected expenses. If you count them in in advance, it won’t mess up your budget.

Book Professional Orange County Movers in Advance and Avoid Summer Season if You’re on a Budget

Are you already familiar with house-hunting tips? You should be because the real estate market in this area has some high prices that might scare even those with a bigger budget. One of the basic rules for those on a budget is to book professionals in advance. Last-minute bookings are usually more expensive. 

One of the best tips is to move during the winter season. It’s usually less busy because most people move during summer. In the winter season, both the housing and professional services can get much cheaper. In the end, if you’re very satisfied with the professional services you got, you can always tip movers to show them your appreciation.

Try Avoiding Common Relocation Scams

Relocation scams are something you should also be careful about. They are not always easy to spot. Luckily there are few ways to notice them before it’s too late, so we’ll give you advice about that as well. Always check the companies’ online reviews and try looking for valid resources about the company. They have to be licensed, transparent about the pricing, and offer reasonable and safe terms. Everything that might seem unprofessional, too cheap, or too pricey might be suspicious as well. You should also have a valid contract before making any final deals. 

Woman calculating how much she can afford to pay for professional Orange County movers
Be aware of common signs of relocation scams

#5 Invest in Quality Packing Supplies – You’ll Need a Lot of Boxes and Plastic Wrap

Packing dishes or any other belongings from your home wouldn’t be possible without suitable equipment. Sure, that’s obvious, but you might have trouble finding the right supplies. If you’re too lazy to visit local stores, carry tons of containers on your own, and measure everything in order to get suitable protection, maybe it’s better to hire professionals

They can bring all the necessary equipment, and you won’t have to worry about something getting broken. It’s always smarter to leave this part of the process to professionals if you have no previous experience, especially when it comes to protecting fragile items

Use Items You Already Have at Home and Get Some Free Packing Supplies

Suitcases, for example, are perfect for packing books, clothes, and delicate shoes. You can use blankets and towels to protect a TV. Kitchen towels can be suitable for protecting dishes, and you can also try protecting your fragile belongings with soft clothes. 

Socks can be suitable for stuffing and protecting glasses. Garbage bags can also be used for relocating various objects from your home, but they are perfect for relocating clothes. Also, you can find some free boxes at Craigslist, Freecycle, liquor, or grocery stores. 

Fragile glasses
Don’t risk damaging your items if you don’t know how to pack them properly

#6 Pack a Box With Essentials for the Big Day

In all the relocation madness, try not to forget about the essentials. These belongings are something you literally can’t live without, so it won’t be hard to list them. Some of the stuff that you should include here are:

These belongings are something most people should have by their side during the relocation process. Pack these things in a separate bag or a box and keep them somewhere easily accessible so you can grab them easily as soon as you get to your new home. This video can give you more ideas on what to pack.

#7 Don’t Mix Belongings From Different Rooms in Same Containers 

Avoid this common mistake that can lead to unnecessary problems such as damaging or losing some belongings. At least, you are just going to lose your precious time by running around rooms and trying to figure out what is where. Instead of doing this, simply prepare separate boxes for every room and sort your things into categories, it will save you a ton of time once you start unpacking.

Avoid Overpacking Boxes and Remember to Label 

Another vital thing is labeling. Don’t risk damaging your belongings because you forget to label the containers with fragile objects. You’ll also be much better organized if you know which boxes contain specific inventory, and you’ll know where to put them. Also, try to avoid overpacking boxes, especially those with shoes, books, and dishes, because they are often heavy and cardboard might tear easily. 

Box with essentials
Always have a box with essentials close to you

Are You Ready for the Final and the Best of All Moving Tips? Hire Professional Movers in Orange County

You made it to the end, but this is something you should definitely consider at the very beginning of your move. Hiring professionals is a lifesaving tip, to be honest. You’ll save time, money, energy, and you’ll enjoy your relocation. Our packers and movers in Orange County can offer you amazing local relocation services and competitive rates. Residential relocation is perfect for relocating entire households, and apartment relocation is a better option for those living in a building. 

Commercial relocation service is ideal if you have to relocate an office unit or a company, and in- and-out-of storage is perfect for transporting your storage inventory. You can also hire our Orange County movers for additional packing services if you need that, or you can get labor-only moving service if you think you could use a couple of extra hands for heavy lifting. Just contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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