Frequently Asked Questions

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Can movers pack for you?

Every professional movers can help you out with packing as well. It is not a part of a standard service moving companies are offering. Here in OC Moving Services we gathered the best movers and packers Orange County CA has. If you choose us to help you with packing and moving, your belongings will be in safe hands.

Can movers move in the rain?

Local movers have the right equipment to handle your move even when it is raining. No matter if it is raining or snowing, your professional movers will make sure your belongings are safe and sound. Extra moving protection is used when the weather conditions are not perfect.

Will movers take apart a bed?

Local furniture movers have tools to disassemble and reassemble back any piece of furniture that you own. Professional movers will take care of the safety of your furniture throughout the whole moving process. This is why choosing the right local movers is very important.

Why tip movers?

When it comes to tipping the movers, you should know that it is not mandatory. However, when someone performs heavy lifting and safe relocation, you should tip them. On the other hand, tipping became a part of our culture. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you. Once your move is done and based on a full amount of your receipt, you can decide how much to tip the movers.

Where to find movers?

Finding movers is not as simple as typing local movers near me or furniture movers near me, it is much more than that. Finding local movers requires you to do your research in detail. You need to read reviews and check local moving companies’ online reputation. The best case scenario is if you have friends or neighbors that can recommend their local movers for your move.

How do movers charge?

Most of the furniture movers that are performing local moves charge hourly rates with a certain number of minimum hours. However, there are some moving companies that charge flat rates. No matter what the case with your local movers is, your moving consultants should inform you even before you schedule your move.

What movers will not move?

Local moving companies have different policies when it comes to rates and services. Local movers have a weight limit when it comes to handling heavy items. If you have anything that is not considered as a regular household item, you should let your moving expert know so they can advise you whether they can move it or not. Being prepared is important, so take care of every detail.

Movers who move small loads?

There are many different Orange County CA movers who offer different services. For professional movers there is no such a thing as a small move. The only trick is that local movers have the minimum hours they charge for their services, so most of the clients decide not to use local movers for small loads. OC Moving Services can help you with small moves as well as huge relocations.

Are movers licensed?

Since there are numerous moving services in Orange County CA that can help you with your relocation, you can presume not all of them are licensed. Being extra careful when it comes to scheduling local movers is crucial. Make sure to schedule licensed local movers because in that case you will have basic coverage insurance included in the price.

When to pay movers?

Most of the local moving companies charge for their services hourly, so you will be paying for the move when everything is done. Once your local movers finish your relocation, they will calculate the time they need to perform your move. OC Moving Services have three hours of minimum for services and after that time is prorated into 15 minutes increments.

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