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Moving Large Items to a Different OC Town – Mission Impossible or a Piece of Cake?

Whether you’re relocating for the first time or the tenth, moving large items to a different OC town is undoubtedly going to be one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have to do. Although preparing properly will make the process easier, dealing with these things will have you sweating like there’s no tomorrow. To see whether you can actually pull it off, take a look at what’s exactly needed to move these massive belongings.

Is Moving Large Items to a Different OC Town Really That Difficult?

While you’ll have a ton of things to do before relocating to a different OC town, dealing with furniture and other larger objects is probably one of the most challenging tasks on your to-do list. Besides their size, these belongings are often very heavy, making them even more tricky to handle. But does that make them impossible to move? While moving a piano is certainly a lot more complicated than boxing up dishes or even fragile items, using some excellent relocation hacks will make things a lot more manageable.

Having a Plan Makes Things Significantly Easier

As with all the relocation-related tasks, having a good plan will enable you to deal with almost any item on your packing list. For starters, prioritize which pieces you want to move to your new home. If you’re planning on renting a small apartment in one of the best places to live in the OC, there’s a good chance you won’t have enough room to fit everything. 

While you’ll undoubtedly move the bed and other essential pieces, anything else can either be sold or placed in storage. Considering how complex these preparations can be, remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Call up a few friends to assist you or hire some Orange County, CA movers.

Guys moving a couch without Orange County movers
Inviting a few friends makes things a lot easier

You’ll Need to Get Some Packing Supplies and Equipment

Despite their size, larger belongings don’t require as many materials as, let’s say, packing a TV. However, you should still get some standard packaging supplies to protect them from any potential damage during the move. Some of the most important things you’ll use include:

What Tools Do I Need to Move These Objects With Ease?

Larger belongings are not only challenging but also potentially very dangerous to move. If you are to handle them appropriately, you’ll have to get all the necessary equipment. For starters, try to find a dolly. These four-wheeled platforms can support a lot of weight, making them the ideal tool for transporting these belongings. There’s even a type that goes over stairs. You could also get adjustable lifting straps, which will enable you to carry objects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to lift off the ground. By shifting the item’s weight off of you, they reduce the overall stress it puts on your back and lower body.

Sliders or glides allow you to move massive things across the room with ease, while a ramp will help you to get them up and down the stairs much more quickly. You’ll also require some basic tools, like screwdrivers, wrenches, and a tape measure. Although most of the equipment can be found in any better supply store in the county, buying all of them will significantly increase your relocation expenses. Considering you won’t be using them again until the next time you move, it’s much easier just to rent them from a local moving company.

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Take Measurements and Disassemble Large Furniture Pieces

Considering how massive some objects can be, it’s crucial to measure whether they can fit through the door and other narrow points in the house. There’s a good chance at least a few of them won’t be able to go through, meaning you’ll have to remove all the excess parts before the packing can start. Things such as knobs and handles often stick out, exposing them to damage and making them a lot harder to secure in general. That’s why you usually can’t pack furniture properly if you don’t disassemble it first.

If you’re dealing with something particularly heavy, detaching some components will certainly make the item lighter and easier to maneuver. For example, although dresser drawers offer a lot of storage space for your stuff, it’s best to pack shoes, clothes, and accessories separately. Another good option is to remove the drawers entirely and secure them separately without taking anything out of them. If you are also taking the kitchen cabinets with you, don’t forget to remove all dishes and pots and pans first.

Keep All Disassembled Parts Next to the Original Item

If you want to avoid losing the things you detached, it’s best to keep the parts next to their original object. However, considering smaller things like handles and screws have to be packed in sealable bags, it’s good to leave a post-it note that specifies which item they belong to. You should also label the larger components, as they could easily get displaced after being wrapped with bubble wrap, paper, and blankets.

A plastic bag with bolts and screws
Keep all the screws and bolts in a sealable container

Use Appropriate Materials When Securing the Objects

Although most of these objects are pretty sturdy, try not to skimp on padding and wrapping materials when securing them. No matter how you might be when handling them, there’s always a chance you’ll hit the walls by accident, possibly scratching or denting both surfaces. To avoid any potential damage during the move, wrap the objects with enough bubble wrap and blankets.

However, know that these materials won’t stay in place on their own. To keep them from unwrapping, you’ll either have to use a lot of tape or cover everything with plastic shrink wrap. For additional protection, consider adding a layer of corrugated cardboard on all delicate surfaces before wrapping them.

Learn How to Prepare These Massive Objects for Storage

If you’re moving in together to a new home that doesn’t have enough space for all your belongings, there’s a good chance you’ll have to leave behind more than a few things. However, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of can also be difficult, so it’s easier to place all the excess larger objects in storage.

Thankfully, storing these things will be very similar to what we described earlier. The only difference is that you also have to place plastic covers on everything. If the storage facility you’re using is not climate-controlled correctly, this material will keep moisture off your stuff, protecting it from mold and other pests.

Protect the Floors from Damage With Furniture Sliders

Unless you’re okay with refinishing the floors after the relocation, find a way to keep them safe from any potential scratching. Considering you’ll be doing a lot of pushing, it’s vital to place sliders underneath all the objects before you move them. This will keep the surface intact no matter how massive some pieces might be. You don’t have to buy sliders, though, as you have plenty of free alternatives at home. Carpets, old sheets, or even cardboard can all be used to pull these things safely across the floor. If you’re interested in seeing how sliding a dresser would look, check out the video below. 

Learn How to Move Heavy Items Safely

Before you even attempt to lift a heavier object, it’s crucial to learn all the proper lifting techniques first. While the equipment we mentioned will significantly reduce the amount of hard labor you have to do, you should always pay extra attention to how you’re handling these things. A simple misstep will not only cause you to break something but also inflict a severe injury. To keep that from happening, you should always:

If you want to see how proper lifting techniques would look, as well as some mistakes to avoid, take a look at the video below.

Moving a Heavy Item Across the Stairs Is Going to Be a Lot More Difficult

While you might manage objects on the base floor, learning how to move something heavy across the stairs is going to be a lot more complicated. For starters, you shouldn’t try anything without some assistance, as you’ll need at least three people to move these things safely. While some objects can be moved with the special stair rollers, larger pieces that can’t be disassembled will require you to build a ramp. You can either make one from lumber or strong plywood or rent an industrial ramp from movers in Orange County, California.

If you’re taking something downstairs, two people on the bottom side will lead the process while the person on the top side assists them. Once the dolly wheels are on the ramp, the key is to go very slowly. Every step needs to be controlled, as one wrong move could cause you to drop the object and cause a ton of damage. If you are taking the thing upstairs, the only difference is that the person on the top controls the pace.

If You Can’t Move the Objects Safely, Get Some Professional Services From Local Orange County Movers

If all the tips we just mentioned didn’t do much to boost your confidence and you’re still hesitant even to attempt to move these belongings, it might be better to let the professionals handle them. Hiring local movers in Orange County, CA, is nothing to be ashamed of, as these companies exist for this exact purpose. 

Whether you choose to get one of the local moving options or just want labor-only services, they will help you quickly move all the heavier belongings and furniture. If you do end up hiring professional movers in Orange County, CA, remember to label everything that’s wrapped or direct the crew where to place all the objects once they are delivered to the new home.

Two of the best movers in Orange County, CA
If you’re not confident you can pull this off, better hire some professionals to assist you

Contact the Best Movers in Orange County, CA, to Assist You With This Difficult Task

As you can see, relocating these massive objects is undoubtedly not easy. Although everything we mentioned here is helpful, someone who has to move in a hurry likely won’t have the time to learn all the necessary steps. Looking for a home in the best buy locations and organizing all the important documents will already take up much of your schedule, so do yourself a service and hire professional assistance right from the start.

If you’re looking to relocate to a different town in the county, Orange County Moving Services is here to help. Getting our excellent residential relocation will allow you to move these massive belongings without having to lift a finger. The same goes for our commercial moves, which are perfect for relocating office inventory. Considering you also have to box up plates, books, and other smaller things, we highly recommend you also book our incredible packing service. Besides offering some of the best services on the market, we are one of the most affordable movers in Orange County, CA. If you don’t believe us, contact us today and request a free quote on your move.

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