How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving to a New Home in Orange County

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Preparations for a move include many tasks, and wrapping your items is the most significant part of that process. Most people who have to move dread the day when they have to prepare dishes for relocation. If you’re one of those, you must be wondering how to pack pots and pans. We can show you how to handle this issue and get these dishes safely to your new home in the most beautiful town in Orange County.

There is no reason to fear this task. Even though it may seem like a complex issue, we are sure that you will handle it properly if you follow our provenly efficient tips and tricks. From gathering proper supplies to wrapping techniques, we explained what to do for cushioning and keeping these large dishes from any significant damage while inside the boxes. You will continue to enjoy delicious meals made in the pot you usually use right after your move.

How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

What is the best way to neatly tuck this dishware inside a box? If this is giving you some moving stress and anxiety, you’ve come to the right place. Those who want to figure out how to move efficiently must first admit that they don’t know everything about relocations – there are so many moving hacks that hardly anyone can say they know them all. So, it’s good that you’re doing your research. We designed this article as a step-by-step guide that will be enough to prepare you for packing dishes. You can do this – quality supplies and a bit of determination are all you need for success.

How Do You Pack Pots and Pans to Move?

So, what is the most crucial thing to know about wrapping these kitchen items? Once this task makes it to the top of your moving to-do list, this question will be the one you are asking yourself. Great news – there’s nothing particularly complicated or different from other dishes that you have to pay attention to. Apart from learning what to do with a lid and handle, all you have to do is refresh your memory about wrapping methods you’ve previously applied when packing plates for your upcoming move.

Woman in front of the stove, stirring food in the pot
With our tips, you’ll soon be cooking your favorite meals in your new home

Step 1 – Declutter Your Kitchen

Whatever your reasons to move are, you must be excited about the change of scenery and a new house, especially if it’s in one of California’s safest cities in Orange County. But, don’t let the excitement overrule your common sense – you can’t take everything from the kitchen with you, especially if you have to move in a hurry. It’s time for decluttering. After all, do you really need every single pot, plate, or glass you own? Remember, more stuff means more work for you – and we’re sure you would much rather pack everything quickly.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Use Before You Get to Packing Pots and Pans for Moving

Decide what stuff isn’t worth relocating, and get rid of it – while you’re at it, make sure you also get rid of items movers won’t move. If a pan or two are still suitable for use, you can donate them. But, keep in mind that no one should make food in some of these dishes if they are scratched – it can be dangerous for their health.

Notebook, pen, keyboard, coffee, and a plant
Decluttering should be a part of your to-do list, without any doubts

Step 2 – Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before you overwhelm your moving expenses checklist with unnecessary purchases, make sure you try to find a place or two where you can get free boxes. Trust us, it’s easier than it seems – visiting bookstores, grocery, or liquor stores and oven some websites such as Freecycle can be the best way to lower the costs of your supplies. Even though stuff like paper isn’t that expensive, you will need a lot of it – added costs can end up being pretty high. Okay, let’s see which supplies are necessary for wrapping these dishes correctly – here’s the list:

  • Sturdy boxes (medium-sized),
  • Paper or newspapers,
  • Quality tape,
  • Permanent markers.

Can You Use Some Alternative Supplies?

Of course, there are some alternatives to the supplies from the list above. While it may be hard to replace a regular box with something as practical and efficient, you can get through the wrapping stage even if you don’t have enough paper. Just use the same trick as you did when you packed glasses and plates – get a few towels or pieces of clothing that you’re not that fond of and wrap your dishes with them. It’s a pretty effective technique that can save you a bit of money and shorten the process of wrapping clothes.

Green towels on the stool
Seems silly, but towels are amongst the most effective wrapping supplies for dishes

Step 3 – Wash All the Dishes Before Packing Them

Before you place even a single pot or pan in the box, you must find time to clean them properly. We know that you are in quite the rush to get everything packed, and you’re stressed out trying not to overlook some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, but this is a step you shouldn’t skip. After your move to the best buy location in Orange County, you will be exhausted, and the last thing on your mind will be scrubbing a burnt pot. That’s why we suggest you do that now. Take a look at the video below to see how best to clean the burnt bottom of the pot or pan.

Step 4 – Reinforce Boxes Before Placing Anything Inside

You’ve probably bought (or found) sturdy boxes, but that won’t be enough to carry the weight of your belongings. Therefore, you must reinforce each box before filling it with a pot, pan, or both. What does that mean exactly? Here’s what you need to do: carefully tape the bottom of the cartons, and don’t spare the tape. After that, you should tape the sides for extra protection. Experts say that you should tape the bottom thirds of the sides. If you particularly value some pieces and want to keep them safe by all means, you can even tape the bottom halves. And lastly, before we get to wrapping, you can place a few sheets of paper (or newspaper, if that’s your supply of choice) on the bottom of the box.

Man taping a package
Don’t fill packages if you haven’t reinforced them first

Step 5 – Time for Wrapping and Packing Pots and Pans

So, all the preparations are over, and all there is left to do is wrapping and placing dishes inside the cartons. Worry not, this is pretty standard work – simple as wrapping books. If you’ve already wrapped other dishes, you will know what to do, and it will be done in no time. After that, you can get back to planning your moving away party after all the kitchen stuff has been packed, or you can start organizing important documents in your home.

How Do You Wrap These Dishes for a Move?

It’s a pretty straightforward job. Find a flat surface to work on – your kitchen table is perfect for this. Place the sheet of paper, and put a pot/pan on it. Now, all you have to do to wrap them is pull the edges over so they meet inside the dish. You can tape papers inside the dishes, so they can’t unwrap. And that’s pretty much the whole thing. Just be careful with handles – get additional papers for wrapping them.

Is It OK to Stack Pots and Pans When Packing Them?

Yes, it most certainly is, but the catch is to stack them so that their handles are aligned. Stacking these dishes will save you a lot of space, and it is the best technique for placing them in the cardboard package. You will be using one pot as a container for the other, smaller one – it’s brilliant. Just be careful – you shouldn’t overpack the package. It would be hard to lift, even if you were a professional Orange County mover.

Plus, it increases the chance of the box falling open during the move, and that’s not a particularly fun scenario, believe us. In case you have a lot of residual space but not enough for another pot or pan, you can consider placing other, smaller dishes to fill the gaps. That will save you a lot of cushioning materials such as styrofoam peanuts. Once the package is full, seal it and label it. It will help you later, when you start unpacking – all the dishes will be easier to find.

What to Do With Lids?

Because of their shape, lids can be wrapped the same as plates – wrap them in papers and secure them with tape. Lids made of glass mustn’t touch each other during the move since they can easily break. And finally, how will you place them inside the package? You can either put the lid next to its corresponding pan or pot, or (in case there isn’t enough space next to the pot or pan) you can get a separate package where you will only place lids.

If you decide to go with the second option, you should stack them vertically, as you would do with plates. Also, remember to fill in the residual space with papers or styrofoam peanuts, and you are ready to seal the package. If the package contains any item made of glass, you must label it as “fragile”, so the relocation crew knows they have to be careful when handling it.

Man taping the cardboard before Orange County movers arrive
Carefully seal the package once you placed the dishes inside

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