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How To Pack For Your Local Move

We are all aware of the fact that moving is time-consuming and brings a lot of stress with itself. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong while this whole process is lasting, but it will be a lot easier for you if you decide to hire professional movers. They will do half of your obligations and will get a lot of responsibilities off your back. One of the advantages is if you are lucky enough that you do not have to move long-distance, but that does not mean that local moving is easy either. Yes it is much faster, it is a much shorter distance and process, but still, the packing process stays the same and takes a lot of your time. If you are in a situation to hire movers, we would advise you that, since packers and movers know what they are doing, they know the best way, time and place.

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Start packing earlier

In moving timing is everything, if you organize your time badly, your move will probably go badly too. If you start late you will have to do everything in a rush and that is the main reason why some unexpected situations can happen and why people often make stupid mistakes. You can avoid this by starting to pack earlier than you usually would. It is recommended to start preparing and packing 2-3 weeks prior to the moving date. If you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and you have more free time, you can start even earlier. You know how they say “it is better to finish early than late”. 

Buy all the moving supplies you will need

Two things that are important for your upcoming move, but you do not think about that much, are buying all the moving supplies and equipment that you will need. If you are hiring professional movers you probably will not need any equipment, since they have it all. Take a paper sheet or some notebook and start writing all the moving supplies that you will need. Some of the packing supplies you will need are: wrapping material, packing paper, boxes of different sizes, tape, styrofoam…  After you write the list, go through it and see what you are missing and take a trip to your local store where you will be able to find those supplies that you need. 

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There are some hacks on how you can find moving supplies really cheap or even for free. 

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Sell or donate stuff you do not use

One of the first things that you should do before you start packing is throw out all of the things that you do not use. They are just taking up space and collecting dust. Make them useful and sell some of your items. This will not just help you with raising funds for your upcoming move, but it will also help you have a little bit cheaper move, because you will move less items than you originally planned. Also if you donate items that you are not using, some people might be very happy to have them, so you will help them too. That way you will make two people happy at the same time. 

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Make an inventory list

Inventory list is helpful for so many reasons. If you do not already have one, it is time to make one now. Moving inventory list will help your movers to give you the most accurate cost to hire movers, also in case something fragile gets broken, you will have evidence on paper that you own that item and in what condition it was before getting damaged. 

We are sure your professional movers will be able to provide you with this list, but if you are not interested in paying for that service, we will help you how to make this list by yourself. Firstly decide whether you will make this list on your computer, tablet, phone or on paper. If you decide to make this list electronically, excel would be the best program to use.

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This list should contain everything you own and by everything we mean EVERYTHING. Make a table with as many columns and rows as you need. You should have a few columns for the name of the item, its value, condition and you can add extra columns if you want to have the number of items, brand and mark of the item and notes. In rows you will put items and their descriptions, you will need enough rows for all of your belongings. You do not have to write every book and decorations you own, you can just write books and then in the row where it says number of items, you can put the amount of books you own, same goes for the decorations. 

Go room by room

Being organized is very important, moving boxes and supplies will be everywhere in your home, so having some kind of order is needed. When you start with packing it would be best to go from one room to another, because if you start packing everything together, you will forget what you did pack and what you did not, but also it will take you much more time and you will make your unpacking process harder and longer too. Start by first packing the room that you use the least. You can also label every room with a different color. This is very helpful because this way you will not get confused and frustrated. And, of course, you can write on the box which room is packed in it to make sure you stay even more organized! Better more, than less. 

Use right size boxes

This is crucial for every move. The first rule is to pack heavy items into smaller boxes, since it will be easier to carry a small and heavy box then a heavy and large one. Keep in mind that books are also heavy items. 

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Stuff boxes properly

This is as important as using the right size boxes, because it does not matter if you packed your things right, if you stuffed them wrong there is still a big chance that something will get damaged. 

For stuffing boxes you can use literally anything, bubble wrap is always the best option, but you can also use towels, blankets, t-shirts, paper or even socks. You just need to make sure there is no space left in the box.

Seal your boxes well

If you want your items to stay untouched, sealing them the proper way is a must, just like stuffing them and packing them in the right size boxes. If you do not see your boxes the correct way, there will be a big chance that your boxes will open in a moving vehicle and something can get damaged or even broken. So make sure to put another layer of tape just in case. 

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Label your boxes

Labeling boxes helps a lot with organization, make sure to buy some labels and markers, while you go shopping for moving supplies. If you do this, you will know what every box contains and this will help your movers know what room the box belongs to. 

Make sure to label FRAGILE on the boxes if the items inside are breakable. This way your movers will be even more careful while carrying them, making sure nothing will damage your precious belongings.

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Tips for packing every room in your home


It is always best to start packing from the kitchen, since you will probably use that room the least during this packing period.

Dining room:

You probably have a big table and set of chairs in your dining room, so maybe you should consider disassembling those for furniture pieces since they probably would not be able to go through the door opening, if you do not have proper tools to disassemble and assemble your furniture you can ask your moving company to do that for you, if they are actual professionals they will have the proper equipment to do that. 

Living room:

You most definitely have a TV in your living room and probably more electronic devices, before unplugging them, it would be good to take a picture of your cables before unplugging them, so you would know how to connect them once again when you start moving into your new home. 

Main bedroom:

In your main bedroom you’ll probably have a king size bed and a big wardrobe, those pieces of furniture will probably need to be disassembled too. When it comes to packing your own clothes maybe it will be best to put it all in one big bag, because you do not want to waste time packing your clothes since you have to pack your entire house. 

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Kids bedroom:

This will maybe be the worst room in your home, when it comes to packing. Children always have so much clothes and toys, so you will need to figure out how to pack all their belongings in the most effective way possible. Do not put all the toys in one box because they probably have a lot of heavy toys which will make carrying those boxes really hard, instead try to make some balance, put one heavy toy in one box with lighter ones and pack everything that way. 


When you start packing for your upcoming move it is always the best idea to leave your bathroom for the last since that is the room that you will need the most. But also bathrooms are usually really easy to pack, since you do not have a lot of items there. Start with packing chemicals first, since you probably will not use those in sometime and leave your essentials to be packed the least. Essentials are toilet paper, toothbrush , toothpaste, hairbrush and things like that that you need on a daily basis.

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