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Are you looking for packers and movers in Orange County? Moving to a different home can be tricky, but one of the biggest tasks you will have is packing your belongings. First of all, you will need to gather packing supplies. Secondly, you must know how to pack everything so that things remain safe during transportations.

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Lastly, what are you going to do with bigger pieces of furniture and fragile items, valuable paintings and some other unusual items that may be tricky to move?

Finding packing and moving companies that provide packing services is crucial. One of such companies is OC Moving Services which can provide you with exceptional packing and moving services and make sure that all of your belongings arrive safely.

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OC Moving Services Offers Different Packing Options for their Orange County Clients

Our professional packers and movers offer a variety of options for everyone who is looking to move in Orange County, CA. Every move is tailor-made, which is why we introduced these options. You can choose whichever options suit you and your wallet.

Our company representatives will help you select the best packing service for you. The three options that are on the table include:


Standard Service


Partial Packing Service


Full Pack Service


What’s included in our Standard Service?

A lot of people who move don’t want us to help them with packing and that’s completely fine. Even though our packing and moving services are affordable, some clients want to have a cost-effective move and they are looking for different ways to save money.

Therefore, everyone who opts for our standard service will get no packing assistance but the price of the move will be lower accordingly. Even though we will not pack your possessions, our moving crew will still arrive with a truck and we will help you transport everything to your new home.


Partial Packing Service is a great choice our packing and moving company offers

Perhaps the most popular choice is the partial packing service. Not only are we going to transport your belongings safely, we will pack your kitchen and closet free of charge!

You will only be charged for packing equipment that we use for your move. These can include boxes, bubble wrap, etc. However, if you have some of those ready, we can use your equipment as well.


Pack Fully with OC Moving Services and Secure Peace of Mind

Our Orange County packers and movers can pack everything you own and unpack it once we arrive at your new location. This gives you the peace of mind and the security looked for when you typed “packers and movers near me”

If you opt for full pack service, we will bring a bigger crew. However, we will not charge your extra for it – it is just so you know what you can expect. The only thing that we will charge you for is the supplies, but we always leave you with the choice to buy your own packing supplies.

Why should you hire OC Moving Services as your Packers and Movers?

OC Moving Services has been moving people in Orange County since 1999. Our packers and movers know every corner of Orange County and we are one of the choices, especially if you are looking for packing services in addition to moving.

Not only do we have experience in packing various items, we also train our staff how to pack different possessions and how to seal the boxes and load everything inside the truck. This is an important step of the process because nothing should tip over as we drive you to the new location.


As for packing, we will seal every box, be extra careful with your fragile items and label boxes so that we know which box goes where once we start unpacking you. This will save us a lot of time and you a lot of stress.


Unpacking a large home can be disastrous if you don’t hire packers for moving. While packing clothes and kitchen utensils might not be the hardest thing, there are some things that need to be dismantled and then packed and this is where our true expertise comes out.


With our packing and moving services, you can save a lot of time during your move and make it much more effective. We will maximize safety and transport everything from the smallest to items to the large pieces of furniture.

How does your move look with Orange County Packers and Movers?

Depending on which type of services you select – standard, partial packing or full pack – the process to schedule your move remains simple.

OC Moving Services will send you a free estimate

If you need moving help in Orange County, we are confident that our packers and movers are the right choice. The first step in the process is to ask for a free quote. Once you give us a call, one of our representatives will need to ask you several questions to estimate the difficulty and the size of your move before we can send you a quote.

Even though we will ask you, feel free to mention which packing services you want and how many items and rooms there are for us to pack.

Even though we usually recommend full packing service for safety and efficiency reasons, we fully understand that people who don’t have that many belongings can pack themselves in just a few hours.

The free estimate will depend on whether our movers and packers from Orange County will provide packing services or not.

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Frank D.

Awesome experience. The team was professional and on time. We had more stuff than your usual 3 bedroom but they put in the extra hours to make sure we were completely moved by the end of the day.


You can also ask us for a quote with and without packing, just to compare the two prices and see which one suits you best.

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Book Your Packers and Movers in a Few Simple Steps

If you choose this service with our Orange County packers and movers, we are going to guide you through the booking process. We’ve made this very simple for everyone who want us to pack and move them.

Once you get your quote, you can book your move right away or you can keep shopping around. We fully understand if you want to explore some other options. But once you settle on OC Moving Services, you will choose your date and time and we will show up!

During your booking process, we will ask you to place a deposit – a small amount that will be counted into your overall price of the move. Once everything is completed, we will finalize the reservation.


With our packing and moving services, you can save a lot of time during your move and make it much more effective. We will maximize safety and transport everything from the smallest to items to the large pieces of furniture.

How will our packers and movers pack everything during your moving day?

One of the first things that our packers and movers will do once we arrive at your location is packing. Professional packing and moving companies such as OC Moving Services approach packing with a plan.

We will bring all the packing equipment we need and start with the smaller items and move towards furniture and large items. One of the things that you can do to accelerate the packing process is declutter your home and leave only the items we will pack.

Once everything is placed inside the boxes, we will make sure that the items are stable and there’s no wiggle room before we seal them. All the boxes will be labeled so that we know which ones to unpack in which room.

Speaking of unpacking, once our packers and movers deliver everything to your new home, we will unpack everything so you don’t have to!

Before you call us to book your move, check out
the few questions we usually get from our clients:

number How Will OC Moving Services Charge You?

Pricing depends on several factors and the type of packing service you select is one of them. Your price will also depend on your move size, pickup and delivery locations, stairs situation, heavy items and time restrictions if any.

What you need to know about our pricing is that we charge by the hour and have a three-hour minimum charge. If your move is smaller, you can add some time to reach the minimum by opting for packing! This is a great way to use all our services and still don’t spend a lot of money.

number What Packers and Movers Do?

Packers and Moving companies provide moving services to their clients, but in addition to moving, they go one step further and offer packing options as well. A lot of companies are looking at packing services as perks they offer.

Our Orange County packers and movers offer three different types of packing – standard, partial and full packing. We always recommend what’s best for each of our clients when it comes to packing.

nubmer Will Packers and Movers Pack Everything?

Depends on the company. Some packers and movers will not pack everything even though they indicate that they offer full packing service. However, there are some items that packing and moving companies usually do not pack.

These include valuables, food, expensive pieces of art, jewelry and other valuables. The best way to transport those is by yourself. Usually, packers and movers don’t want to risk losing these valuables which they would need to reimburse later on.

You can always give us a call and check what OC Moving Services pack before you opt for a packing option.

number Are Packers and Movers Safe?

Packers and movers are safe, in general. However, there are some companies that don’t have the necessary licenses to pack and move people. Hiring packers and movers is usually a good choice if you need to move and transport a lot of stuff.

They will keep your items safe and offer insurance as well. Just make sure that you check their licenses before you hire packers and movers in your area.

If you are from Orange County and need packing and moving help, you can always contact our packing and moving company.

How to get in touch with Orange County Packers and Movers?

We are very easy to reach. If you need any packing assistance, make sure to give us a call at
(657) 888-9272.

You can also write to as via email: and if you have any packing or moving related questions, feel free to ask! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Another useful information for you may be that we are open every day from 7AM to 8PM whereas Sundays we close just one hour earlier but you can also reach us then!

Choose packers and movers in Orange County that have experience and the know-hows to pack everything safely and get you to your new home quickly!