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What to Keep When Moving Within OC?

Relocating all your belongings can be pretty overwhelming, but it’s often completely unnecessary. Fortunately, deciding what to toss and what to keep when moving is not that difficult. All you have to do is use a few nifty decluttering tips to sort through the inventory, and you’ll have significantly less stuff to move before your next Orange County relocation.

Having to move everything you’ve accumulated over the years will make your relocation unnecessarily complicated, and that’s precisely why it’s essential to declutter before every move. However, since you’ll still have a lot of stuff to pack, it might be good to get some professional assistance. The good news is that hiring our local OC movers will help you prepare everything within a day.

Does Getting Rid of Old and Unused Things Provide Any Benefits?

Does looking at your crammed to-do list cause you relocation stress? Considering all the things you have to do before relocating, not having to transport all your stuff will undoubtedly enable you to move more efficiently. In fact, getting rid of old and unnecessary belongings provides several benefits, allowing you to:

A man preparing to pay Orange County movers for their services
Decluttering before a move will significantly reduce your relocation costs

How to Decide What to Get Rid of and What to Keep When Moving Within Orange County?

Considering people tend to hoard all sorts of stuff only for “just in case,” letting go of anything can be very problematic. However, answering some important questions will help you decide what to do with anything you own. If a particular item is giving you trouble, ask yourself:

Can’t Decide What to Keep and What to Sell When Moving? Invite Some Friends to Assist You With the House Purge

If you’re having trouble deciding what to keep and what to throw away or sell, contact a few friends to assist you with the sorting. Friends won’t be shy to tell you the truth and give an honest opinion about anything, making them perfect people for the job. They also don’t have emotional attachments to your belongings, so feel free to ask them for some tips on what to keep and what to throw out.

Storing Some Belongings Is a Solid Temporary Solution

Storing some belongings could be a great solution to your problems, particularly if you have too many of them. Relocating to a smaller place will often require you to give something away, but placing a few large objects in storage will allow you to delay your decision, at least for a bit longer. If you’re already renting a unit, our local movers in Orange County, California, provide excellent in-and-out-of storage moving you could use. This service will allow you to store any belongings without having to worry about securing or transporting them yourself.

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Friends will give you honest advice on what to do with some of your items

What Belongings You Should Not Keep When Relocating?

In case the questions we mentioned earlier didn’t give you enough tips and clues on what belongings not to keep, know that anything you haven’t used in a year shouldn’t be moved to your new home. However, this definition doesn’t cover everything, so if you’re still wondering, “What should I purge before moving?” let’s go over some concrete things you won’t have to keep:

Considering it would take too long to list everything, the video below will give you lots of tips on what to toss out before the next relocation.

How to Deal With the Pile of Stuff You Don’t Want to Move?

If you went through the entire inventory and separated everything we mentioned earlier, there’s a good chance you have a massive pile of stuff in each room. While you will not be transporting any of these to the new place, all unwanted belongings still have to be dealt with accordingly. For starters, not everything needs to be thrown out, as many everyday household objects can either be sold, given away, or donated to a local charity organization.

Selling Some Stuff Will Allow You to Earn Some Money on the Side

Selling some of the objects you no longer want or have a use for could earn you more money than you could possibly imagine. For example, why move a piano you don’t even know how to play when selling it online will cover all your relocation expenses in one fell swoop. Considering brand new belongings can easily be sold online, all you will have to do is post a listing on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist a few weeks in advance. Not everything will sell well, though, so try to discover which objects are popular before you do anything. If the online thing doesn’t work out, organizing a successful yard sale will allow you to sell all the stuff you won’t need quickly. However, be aware that you will probably have to place a significantly lower price point.

If something didn’t get sold, or you skipped the process altogether, don’t worry. You can still deal with the stuff you do not want by giving it away to some of your friends. As the famous saying says, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” meaning you never know who might be willing to take some of the belongings off your back.

You can also donate something you do not need to a local charity. While we can’t just name all the possible donation centers in the OC, you will undoubtedly have Goodwill or The Salvation Army close by. These organizations accept all sorts of goods, but they still have to be in working condition. Some of the stuff you can donate includes food, clothes, toys, books, appliances, and even cars, meaning that your donation could make someone less fortunate incredibly happy.

Throw Out or Recycle All Objects That Are Unusable or Past Their Expiration Date

Last but not least, everything that’s clearly out of order, not functional, or beyond repair should simply be tossed out. This also includes anything you wouldn’t use yourself, like a very old pair of sneakers or a broken piece of furniture. Considering throwing everything in the garbage wouldn’t be good for the environment, try to recycle as much stuff as you can.

For example, if you want to avoid boxing up the computer you haven’t used in ages, simply take it and other old pieces of technology to the nearest recycling center. Many of these service providers even go out on location, so feel free to contact them and schedule a pick-up before the move. To make your search easier, check out OC Recycling, Garcia Recycling & Metals, and Anaheim and Irvine Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers.

A standard decluttering scheme
Besides being thrown out, most of your unwanted belongings can either be sold, given away, donated, or recycled

What Items Are Worth Moving to the New Place No Matter What?

Although deciding what to keep might be even more important than choosing what to toss, making a list with essentials is undoubtedly an easier task. This also means it’s relatively easy to misinterpret what you truly need, often causing you to overpack. To avoid any confusion, the following list will have all the most essential belongings you will want to pack when relocating:

Deal With All the Things Orange County, CA, Movers Cannot Move

All professional movers in Orange County, CA, have a specific list of non-allowables that you’ll have to deal with on your own. While items movers won’t move include all sorts of dangerous materials, they also can’t transport anything that can leak inside the truck, like perishable food and cleaning supplies. Living things are also a no-go, so anyone who owns houseplants or is relocating with pets needs to find another way to carry them over to their new home. To ensure all the belongings can be safely transported, don’t hesitate to ask your local Orange County movers about their non-negotiables before booking a professional residential relocation.

Various house plants lined up
If you plan to move your plants, you will have to do it on your own

Now That You Know How to Declutter, Hire One of the Best Movers in Orange County, CA, to Assist You With the Move

As you can see, deciding what to get and what to toss is not that difficult once you learn how to declutter. It’s an essential skill that will make your relocation more manageable, so don’t skip it even if you move often. However, while decluttering can reduce the size of your inventory, plenty of belongings and furniture will still have to be packed, and hiring Orange County Moving Services is the best way to do it.

Our local OC movers provide an incredible packing service that will help you pack all your belongings, no matter how big or small they might be. It also goes great with our other options, particularly with apartment relocations and professional commercial moves. More importantly, getting any of our services won’t burden your relocation budget, as we’re one of the more affordable movers in Orange County, CA. Contact us to learn more about everything we offer, including our prices. A representative will quickly take you through the process and provide you with a very attractive free estimate on your entire move.

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