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7 Most Common Reasons to Move

About 31 million Americans relocate annually, which makes up 10% of the country’s entire population. With the sheer number of people living in the US, it’s safe to say they probably didn’t have the same reasons to move. While some look for a fresh start, others want to do what’s best for their family. Listing everything would take days, if not weeks, so we made a short selection of the top seven reasons why somebody would move.

No matter what the nature of the relocation might be, there’s still plenty of things to do in order to have a successful, stress-free move. The good news is that the process can be significantly easier. The only thing you have to do is hire our movers in Orange County, California, to assist you.

US Residents Have All Kinds of Reasons to Move Out and Look for a New Home

People in the US tend to move very often in search of The American Dream. Some might be looking for a fresh start, while others will want to get the home they’ve dreamed of for years. Everyone from an adolescent to an elder will have their motives, as relocating is not unique to any social group. An average American moves about 12 times in their life, so you’ll likely experience several if not all of the main reasons we listed in this article. Considering the process is not always easy, don’t hesitate to employ some local Orange County movers when the need arises. The help you’ll get from hiring a professional moving company is worth the cost, as it can handle everything from packing books to impossible tasks such as relocating a piano.

#1 A Good Job Opportunity Is One of the Top Reasons to Move to a New City

A good job is one of the most common motives for moving. The best cities to live in OC offer all kinds of career opportunities, making them ideal places for college graduates and young professionals looking for their chance to shine. While some employers give their new employees plenty of time to organize the relocation, many insist they start working almost right away, forcing the person to move in a hurry. If this happens, using some relocation hacks could help you handle all the tasks on your to-do list. However, considering you’ll still have a lot on your plate, hiring professional movers in Orange County, CA, might be the better option.

Get Any Home You Like by Landing a Better Job

Receiving a much better offer is the main reason why people are relocating for a job. Landing a high-paying position at one of the top companies will allow you to get a home that was previously above your paygrade. Some top-of-the-line jobs even come with a house included. Better yet, they are usually located in one of the best places to live in Orange County.

Landing a good position will allow you to move almost anywhere you want to

#2 Love and Relationships Are Some of the Most Common Motives for Relocating

Relationships involve two individuals, making them one of the more frequent reasons people move. Usually, couples who have been in a relationship for a long period will move in together before deciding to tie the knot. Planning a family and having a baby is important enough for anyone to move in with their partner. It’s also not uncommon for one person to get a job that will require the couple or the entire family to move, particularly if they are the sole provider in the house.

Breakups and Divorces Are Also Some of the More Common Causes for Moving

Unfortunately, many relationships end even after the couple has moved in together. Going through a divorce or breaking up forces people to move out, often abruptly and without warning, making the already unpleasant situation even more complicated. The entire process can cause you a ton of relocation stress, particularly considering you’ll have to go back to pack furniture, the TV, and any other fragile items you’ve left behind. The good news is that hiring our local movers in Orange County, CA, will help you avoid unnecessary drama.

Remember to update your personal information, as this is one of the more common things people forget to do when relocating. Fortunately, learning how to change your address is very simple, as you’re only required to submit the request online and pay a small fee. If you’re the one staying in the house, you should also learn how to stop getting mail for previous residents and avoid any awkward encounters with your ex.

Relocating after a breakup is a particularly messy situation

#3 A Growing Family Often Needs to Upgrade to a Larger House

Getting a much bigger place is a fairly common reason for moving out of an apartment, particularly if it doesn’t fit your needs. Those with plenty of large items and furniture likely don’t have any more space for new things, making the upgrade to a bigger home a necessity. Couples planning kids will also look to buy a place with multiple bedrooms, ensuring that every child can have a room of its own. Those relocating with pets will often look to get a house that can fit all the furry friends. This is particularly true for dogs, as getting a home with a large backyard will provide them with more than enough space to run around freely without having to take them out to the local park.

A couple will usually look for a bigger place even before they start having children

#4 Upgrading to a Better Neighborhood Is a Great Reason to Move

Nobody can choose their birthplace, so it’s only natural to want to move to a better neighborhood. Once certain conditions are met, such as getting a raise, many will decide to relocate to a place that suits their lifestyle. Considering that everyone has their preferences, the perfect space to live will differ significantly between different groups. Still, there are exceptions that most would agree upon, such as the quality of education and the general safety in the area.

Families Will Often Move to Provide Their Children With Better Education

Parents always want to provide their children with everything they need to lead an enjoyable and successful life. This is precisely why families often choose to live in a place where their children can get a high-quality education. Cities and towns with a good school district are particularly attractive, as they provide students with all the resources they need to excel at any topic, setting them up for success later in life.

Many Want to Move Because of the Increasingly Unsafe Environment

Living in a neighborhood that has been receiving an increasing number of crime reports is not only worrying but dangerous too. Property thefts are becoming more and more common, which could be very detrimental to those that organize important documents at home. Generally speaking, a high local crime rate will turn away most residents, often forcing them to move to an entirely different place. Anyone looking to move to a peaceful and calm environment should look at the safest cities in the region. These experience significantly fewer crimes compared to their counterparts, making them increasingly popular across all categories.

Parents often move to provide their children with the best chances of succeeding

#5 Moving Is Often the Only Option for People Who Are Struggling Financially

Financial struggles often force people to move out of their family homes simply because they can’t afford to pay the bills. Relocating to a smaller place or even renting might not be ideal, but it allows you to gather your strength and rethink your situation. You might not want to move out of the city into a suburb, but remember that the change doesn’t have to be permanent. This could be precisely what you need to save up some resources and get back on your feet. Living in a smaller home is not the end of the world. It offers plenty of benefits, some of which you can check out in the video below.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Outweigh the Costs Even for Those With Limited Resources

Since you’re already struggling with finances, organizing a move on your own might save you some extra cash. However, relocating furniture is not easy to do, especially since it could easily cause a painful injury. Hiring affordable movers in Orange County, CA, is a much safer option even for those with limited relocation expenses, as they cost a lot less than the medical bills you’ll get from the hospital. Fortunately, hiring our company will allow you to get all the necessary moving services for a very reasonable price.

It’s better to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, or you might end up paying more to cover the medical bills

#6 A Change of Perspective and Priorities Is a Common Reason for Relocating to a Different Place

A change of perspective will often cause someone to move to a location that’s entirely different from their previous residence. Adolescents and young professionals might enjoy living in the city, but their priorities tend to change as they progress into adulthood. Getting married and having children significantly shifts your priorities, while retiring will turn your preferences completely upside down. Elders often find life in the suburbs attractive, as they’ll look to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Many choose to move closer to their family, particularly if they are older or suffering from a long-term illness. Last but not least, some get bored of living in the same place for too long and are just looking for a fresh start.

Many people move to be closer to their relatives

#7 Many Move to Become Homeowners or Set Out on Their Own

While many move out for the first time during their college years, it’s not uncommon for adults to stay with their parents long after their studies have concluded. Some might be doing it simply because it’s convenient, while others are saving up to buy a new place of their own. More often than not, there’s simply not enough good real estate in their immediate area, forcing them to move to an entirely new neighborhood or maybe even out of town. Thankfully, there are plenty of best buy locations in Orange County. These offer all sorts of housing across several price ranges, meaning you won’t have to look for a home for too long.

Anyone Relocating for the First Time Should Be Careful When Hiring a Professional

Considering you’re planning to move, it’s important to talk about moving scams. Although these are generally rare, an unsuspecting person or someone relocating for the first time might not be able to discern legit Orange County, CA movers from scammers. If you’re not sure who you’re dealing with, one of the smartest things to do before moving would be to check the inventory list for any missing items. While some slip-ups may occur even with the best movers in Orange County, CA, be aware that the company is only liable for the things that are listed. There’s no need to be skeptical, though, as many customer reviews will tell you that hiring real professionals is the best choice for anyone who wants to move efficiently.

Buying a place to call your own is one of the best decisions you can make

Whatever Your Reason for Relocating Might Be, Hiring Our Moving Company Will Make the Process Easier

Although we barely scratched the surface, these were some of the most common motives people choose to relocate. Whatever your reason to move might be, Orange County Moving Services is here to help with everything you need. Getting our excellent packing services will secure any small item you have, shortening the preparation process significantly. Whether you’re having a residential move or a large commercial relocation for your business, our team will ensure that the entire thing goes smoothly and without a single problem. Contact us today, and a representative will provide you with a fantastic free quote on all our services.

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