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Have you already planned your local move and there is one last decision to make – to pack or not to pack? Packing is one of the most essential tasks when it comes to your local relocation because it will determine the course of your move. The ultimate goal is to have a stress-free moving that will go by smoothly and if you make the right decision when it comes to packing – you will increase your chances a lot. That is why we came up with the list of pros and cons if you are considering having professional movers helping you with your packing. 


  • Less stress

First things first, if you hire professional movers to help you with packing, you will have less stress to handle because you will have much less planning to do. Hiring packers and movers will save you much energy and you will have time to focus on more important things. When we say stress, we think of emotional and physical stress. Just think about it – you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to your local moving. 

  • Time-efficiency

Packing is not only the most stressful task for your local moving, but it is the most time-consuming as well. You will save a lot of time if you hire professional packers and that is one of the most important factors for most of the clients that do decide to leave all of their possessions into someone’s hands. Local movers will take care of your packing in only a day or two, while you will need to spend weeks of your time doing it. They will work around the clock to work on a very tedious process – packing up your home. On the other hand, movers have their packing supplies, so you won’t have to think about getting boxes or spending time on buying them. 

  • Safety and experience

One is guaranteed – no matter how careful you are, you are not professional when it comes to packing. Local movers will make sure that your belongings are safe and sound during the moving process. Your chosen professional packers are trained to pack up your boxes safely and efficiently. They know all tips and tricks – how much to pack up the box, what items should be packed in which way, how many items each box can take etc. Just imagine packing dishes on your own – you can easily lose your nerves. Let’s face it: ordering moving supplies, packing up belongings and labeling boxes is a huge time suck – not to mention, a labor-intensive process in many cases. Having professional packers will make your moving easy. 

  • Moving insurance

The best part when scheduling local movers is that you will have basic coverage insurance included as well. If you pack up your belongings on your own, you have two options – either to purchase additional insurance or to risk it and keep on without any kind of insurance. 


  • Budget will increase

No matter if local moving companies are charging the hourly rates or flat rates, your budget will increase. If it is the hourly rate – it will take more time for moving and if it is flat rate – it will just be higher price. Depending on your budget, you should make a final decision. However, bear in mind that if you choose professional movers to help you out, there is a minimal margin for mistakes and you will avoid any additional expenses for damages you might occur. 

  • Less control

When you have someone who is assisting with packing, you won’t have that amount of control where your items are every second. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your trust into someone else’s hands, having someone to help you with packing might not be the best idea. When having local movers, they are performing every step of packing for you – going through your home to pack up, placing belongings into boxes, labeling boxes, loading and unloading. If you are sweating only when thinking about this, decide to do it on your own. In case you are someone who likes to take care of every single detail on your own, the full pack option is not the best for you. 

  • Less privacy 

If you are stressing out about having movers in your house that will help you with heavy lifting, you will feel even less comfortable having someone packing personal possessions as well. In your home, you have many memories, photo albums, personal documents and clothing, and many people don’t feel comfortable with movers and packers handling their private belongings. Instead, those moving may prefer to slowly pack up their home in order to maintain privacy and ensure that personal belongings are well taken care of.

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