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Read customers experience with the best movers in Irvine:

Audrey Alvarador

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

I called Gregorio again in December to pick up a very expensive coffee table. I arranged to meet the cargo van at the store at noon. Well the driver arrived before I did. He was super polite and courteous. You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work. FYI I am shopping for a new bed frame so ... expect to hear from me shortly.

Lisa Jenkins

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Alston and his team did a great job and I am so pleased with their professionalism and efficiency. I moved from Tustin to Santa Ana (up 4 flights up stairs). The moving crew was extremely friendly and fast and took great care of my items. I value the work they did tremendously and will recommend them to friends as well as use your services again. The movers were an all star team. Thanks again for helping my move go so smooth!

Jeanne Scott

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Holman was the best! He was professional, fast, on-time and efficient. His vehicle was spacious and clean, and not a single item was damaged or marked. I had fun driving with him, his prices were the cheapest I've seen, and he even gave me a space heater he had laying around in his spacious vehicle. I'll use him again and recommend him to my friends.

Verdie Ochsner

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Super friendly moving crew. Super Simple pricing. Attentive service. Check in and reminder calls. Really a positive experience. I didn't feel like they were trying to gouge me or charge me for every single little extra. Nice stuff.

Muriel Wilkerson

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Holman was the best! He was professional, fast, on-time and efficient. His vehicle was spacious and clean, and not a single item was damaged or marked. I had fun driving with him, his prices were the cheapest I've seen, and he even gave me a space heater he had laying around in his spacious vehicle. I'll use him again and recommend him to my friends.

Sandra Lopez

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

OC Moving Services Inc were great. Reasonably priced and did exactly what they said they'd do. Antonio and Clark were perfect. They arrived at 7 am and had us unpacked by 11 am. They were polite, thorough and very careful. Highly recommend. Ask for Pedro. He was good to deal with.

Lake Forest Movers can help you with every type of relocation if you have decided to make Lake Forest your home. Moving in Lake Forest can be difficult and time consuming and there isn’t a large number of moving companies who provide high quality moving services.

With our Lake Forest Movers, you can rest assured that your move is in the right hands. We are a professional moving company with over a decade of experience, but let’s see what our movers Lake Forest can do for you exactly.

Movers Lake Forest provide Guaranteed Window of Arrival

Choosing the time of your move is huge because you can customize your move to fit it in your schedule and it is up to our Lake Forest Movers to show up. With the guaranteed window of arrival our movers are never late and you know when we will arrive.

Flexible Scheduling is Another Feature Movers Lake Forest Offer

With the flexible scheduling, you will be able to select the date of your move in our calendar. Our Lake Forest movers can move you in the morning, afternoon and during the weekends as well. All you have to do is choose a window and you’re all set.

Cost of Living in Lake Forest CA

The prices are a little lower in Lake Forest compared to some other suburbs. The median home value is $682,700 whereas median rent is $2,121. About 70% of residents who live in Lake Forest are homeowners and only 30% rent.

Even though the prices of homes are lower here, the median household income is $112,988, which is pretty significant.

Booking your move with Lake Forest Movers is easy

Once our company representatives send you a quote, you need to book your relocation. Our Lake Forest Movers allow you to do so either online or by calling our company.

We will guide you through this entire process and fill out all the details that we need to create the contract. Once everything is finished, we will send it to your email address. The contract will contain all the information about the move with some other details as well.

Our Lake Forest movers require a deposit in order to finalize the deal. The reason for this is for your reservation to be secure. Deposit will be calculated towards the final balance of the move.

Moving day with Lake Forest Movers

Our movers Lake Forest will arrive at your destination at the agreed date and we will start with the moving process immediately. With all the information that you sent us, our professional movers Lake Forest will know where to start and what to do immediately.

First up, it is packing. We will pack all of your possessions into boxes, label the boxes and seal them to make sure they don’t get opened and nothing gets damaged during transportation. Secondly, our Lake Forest Movers will help you with the furniture by disassembling and loading everything into the truck.

When we transport your belongings to your new home, we will unload, reassemble and unpack everything.

As you can see, moving with Lake Forest movers is pretty simple and we will take care of the entire moving process. All you have to do is call us, schedule the move and we will take over from there.

Getting a Quote from our Professional Lake Forest Movers

The first step in the moving process is to find a company and OC Moving Services provides the best moving experience in Lake Forest. Our Lake Forest movers provide you with high-quality services and competitive prices, but we also offer free quotes.

With our free quote, you will have a better understanding of the cost of your move and you will be able to plan your budget accordingly. The free moving estimate you will get from our Lake Forest movers is based on the information you provide us and which includes:

  • Move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT)
  • Zip Codes of the Pickup and Delivery locations
  • Stairs situation
  • Heavy / Special Items
  • Time Restrictions

For all office moves, our Lake Forest Movers will need a complete list of items so that we know what we are dealing with exactly before we even start with the relocation.

Lake Forest has a population of almost 85,000, making it one of the larger Orange County places. There are a large number of restaurants and parks in this area. Lake forest attracts many young professionals and

Lake Forest Movers provide three packing packages

With different packing options, we want to offer our clients the flexibility in their relocation and let them choose what works for them best.

Some clients want to save up money on their move and they will be satisfied with the standard service where our Lake Forest Movers take care of the transportation but not the packing.

On the other hand, some people love to be more efficient, in which case they will opt for partial packing. Our Lake Forest movers will pack your kitchen and closet, while you take care of the rest.

Last but not least, our Lake Forest Movers offer the full service which isn’t pricier! All we will need to fully pack you and move you is another man in our crew, but with this type of service, you don’t have to worry about anything.

although it isn’t the best area for jobs, it is well connected with Irvine and other towns surrounding Los Angeles.

Why should you move with Lake Forest Movers?

We’ve already told you that our Lake Forest Movers have over 20 years of experience. We started out as a small family business and our goal has always been to provide you with an effortless move and make this transition period for you as easy as possible.

To do so, we created services that you can use, trained our staff members to be efficient but we have also been transparent with our clients.

Storage In and Out is a Possibility with Lake Forest Movers

Sometimes you have some items, old clothes and boxes that you don’t know what to do with at the moment. Find a storage and give our Lake Forest Movers a ring and we will transport everything for you and place it safely in your storage unit.

It is also possible to move items out of storage and bring them to your new home. Let us know in advance so that we can prepare for the relocation. Including multiple pick up and delivery locations is also possible with Lake Forest Movers in case you are distributing half of your things, or have multiple destinations to get them to!

Our Movers Lake Forest Can Take Care of Every Local Move

We’ve been in a local moving business for a long time and Lake Forest in our home. Our OC Moving Services have moved people all over Orange County, CA and Lake Forest is one of our favorite destinations.

Movers Lake Forest offer Labor Only Services

DIY moves are quite popular but doing everything by yourself may be too exhausting for you. Some heavy furniture may be too hard to carry and load into the truck. Our Lake Forest Movers can help you with all the labor.

We will send a moving crew but without a truck and help you carry everything over! All you may need is a bit of a nudge to make your relocation more efficient.

Lake Forest Movers Offer All-Inclusive Price and No Hidden Fees

What you need to know about our pricing is that Lake Forest Movers offer all-inclusive fees. Our prices always include:

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.)
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets)
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All-taxes

Also, keep in mind that we charge by the hour with a three-hour minimum limit.

How Can Movers Lake Forest CA help me?

Our Movers Lake Forest can help you with packing, assembly and reassembly, transportation, storage and labor. There’s no aspect that we cannot help you with

What do most movers charge per hour?

The prices per hour depend on the region. Moving to Lake Forest, CA is a bit more expensive, but it’s always best to call movers and ask them for a quote. On average, movers charge between $25 to $50 per mover for one hour and there will be two or more movers in every move.

Is $20 enough to tip the movers?

Tipping movers depends on how well they execute. There aren’t any rules to tipping the movers, but you can give each mover $4-5 per hour.

Lake Forest Movers are Eager To Start Working on Your Move

If you are ready to move with our Lake Forest Movers, don’t hesitate to call us at (657) 888-9272 and talk to one of our friendly representatives about quotes and reservations.

Feel free to ask us any questions directly or via email:

Also, you can use our form online and get a quote within a few minutes. We cannot wait to hear from you and start planning your relocation!

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