How to Unpack After Moving Within OC?

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Your relocation day is over, and you feel like it’s finally time to relax. But is it really? What about all those boxes just sitting around your new and empty place? Shouldn’t you take care of them before you reward yourself for the successful move? How to unpack after moving – when to start and how to approach this tedious job? We gathered all the best tips to help you stay motivated and empty all the packages you’ve brought to your new OC home.

The problem with unwrapping items you have previously so carefully packed is that you don’t have a deadline for this job. What’s going to make you get up and open a box? Your primary enemy here won’t be time like it was with packing, but procrastination. We can show you how to fight it and where to start this exhausting task.

How to Unpack After Moving to Your New OC Home?

Congrats, you’ve had an efficient move! So is it all over once you arrive at the safest city in Orange County? It most surely isn’t – there’s a mountain of cartons waiting for you. Of course, you can choose to ignore them for a while, but eventually, you will have to open one and start arranging items in your new rooms. You won’t feel fully settled in unless you get rid of those cartons. You must be wondering – what’s worse: packing or unpacking? Well, we have good news for you. The former is undoubtedly harder, so you’re done with the worst part. However, that doesn’t mean that unpacking stuff like fragile items won’t give you a bit of relocation stress. Luckily, we are here to guide you through the process – just keep reading to find out how to handle this task.

How Long Should It Take to Unpack After Moving?

How do I unpack fast after moving? That’s the first thing on everyone’s mind after realizing that they can’t find a box with their favorite coffee mug or that their TV is still in the box. But the sad truth is that you can’t do this quickly, just as you couldn’t pack dishes in the blink of an eye. It may take you a few weeks, or it could be a few days if you decluttered a lot before the move. Either way, that is absolutely fine – you don’t have to be hard on yourself. Maybe you had to move in a hurry, and now you need a day or two to relax? No problem, you don’t have to rush. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t let too much time pass by before opening the first box. The more you put this off, the harder it will be.

Family of four sitting on the floor, surrounded by packages and plants
This won’t be as hard as wrapping stuff – you don’t have to rush it

Make a Plan to Guide You Through the Process

Since we all know that relocations are all about good planning, it is no surprise that the post-relocation period should also be well-planned. Like you had a to-do list for preparations before the move, you will need it here as well. Note which items are your essentials, so you know what to unwrap first – some dishes, bed, TV, bathroom essentials, and so on.

Set a Date for a Housewarming Party – That’s the Motivation You Need

We know you’ve recently had your moving-away party, but hey – who would mind having another fun night? Decide on the date for your fiesta, and you’ll see that a party will best motivate you to unwrap and clean your home. You can’t have your friends arriving in a messy place filled with boxes, right? But be careful. You don’t want to give yourself too little time and then be under pressure to finish before the set date. You’ll agree, the tension before local moving was more than enough.

Pen, papers, keyboard, and glasses
Write yourself a to-do list – that little trick always helps

How to Fight Procrastination and Bring Yourself to Start This Demanding Task?

Procrastination is our worst enemy. Everybody knows it, but not many people know how to deal with it. In some cases, you may just let it overtake your life. However, this is no such case. You have a party to host, remember? So find that box cutter and open one package – it doesn’t matter which one. All that’s important is that you bring yourself to start, and the rest will follow. Here is some advice on how to stop procrastinating and get to unwrapping:

  • Don’t try unpacking all the boxes at once – Nothing relocation-related is done in one day – at least not the essentials. You can’t expect to spend days packing books from your home library, only to unwrap them all in an hour. This is why we said to decide on your priorities. You have to begin with them because you will be exhausted after the move, and you won’t have enough energy to deal with every single package immediately.
  • Work a little bit every day – breaks are a must-have – We know you want to make your place neat and shiny, but that’s not too easy to accomplish quickly – you will need time. If you’re swamped with work, try to find at least 15-30 minutes a day for this annoying job. Even though it may seem useless at first, you will soon see progress.
  • Play some music while you’re unpacking – This is the same relocation hack we use when we have to do something boring, for example, pack plates. Music will help you stay entertained enough to keep going but won’t drive your attention away from the task. We must add one little note: don’t put on a TV – that will be too much a distraction, trust us.
  • Promise yourself a reward if you meet your goals – Use a trick that always brings results – promise yourself that you will order pizza after you’re done with two more boxes, or that you will go out for a drink only after you take all clothes out of the packages and place them in the wardrobe. Sweets are also a great motivator, but you know what will work best for you.
Girl sitting on the floor surrounded by packages and plants, waiting for Orange County movers
Let’s make this empty place feel warm so that you can get used to this home more quickly

Which Room Should Be Your Priority?

You are now in the best city to live in Orange County, and you must be excited for a change – whatever your reasons to move were. Do you know which room to set up first? According to most experts, it is best to begin unpacking in the kitchen – that is the heart of the house and a nice spot where the family can gather. You already know that the kitchen isn’t a simple room – it took you a lot of energy to pack pots and pans, not to mention how wrapping stemware was a nightmare (wrapping glasses is always tricky, right?).

Well, unwrapping all those things won’t be a walk in the park, either. First of all, you will have to be careful not to break anything you’ll have to replace – let’s hope that there won’t be anything more to add to your relocation expenses checklist at this point. And second – have you planned how to organize all these belongings? Check out the video below for an example of unwrapping and organizing kitchen items.

Tips for Unpacking After a Move – Essentials You Need to Know

Learning unpacking tips won’t be as tricky as finding a house in one of the best buy locations in Orange County. All this advice is pretty straightforward to follow, so if you pay a bit of attention, you will be unpacked efficiently very soon, even if you had additional complications because you were relocating with pets and kids, for example.

Check Your Inventory List – Has Everything Arrived Safely?

One of the first things to do after relocating is checking your inventory list – you are supposed to write one before you move, so you can see if anything’s missing once you arrive at the house. Also, your Orange County movers should be able to provide you with the inventory as well. If you can’t find some packages or notice that a few belongings have been damaged, you should contact your relocation company immediately. However, if you decide to move with our company, there won’t be such issues – we have the most professional movers in Orange County who take great care of each customers’ belongings.

It’s Best to Sort Out Boxes By Rooms

If you have carefully labeled your packages, finding stuff won’t be difficult. But labeling is often one of the things you forget to do when you move, unfortunately. We hope you won’t forget to label boxes as you pack them, just as we hope you will remember to pack the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Anyway, if you have labeled packages, you will quickly sort them out and take them to their designated room. This will allow you to work way more quickly than you would if you had to carry everything from one room to another.

Do You Know Which Things You Should Unpack First?

We have already mentioned that the kitchen is your priority, but a few more things are essential for everyday life. If your move is over by afternoon, you will have more than a few hours to devote to unwrapping before it’s bedtime. However, if you arrive at the new house in the evening, we suggest that you set up your mattress in the bedroom (you can figure out how to assemble a bed frame tomorrow), and find the pillow and hygiene products you require for freshening up. The rest can wait for tomorrow. Once you’re well-rested, you can get to work. Handle the packages in the kitchen, and after that, head to the bathroom. The rest of the house can be unpacked in whichever order you prefer.

Before Unwrapping Furniture, Make a Plan for Where Each Piece Will Go

When you decide that you want to arrange your living room, take a break to plan where you will put each piece of furniture. There is one significant difference between unwrapping and wrapping furniture. That is the fact that if you unwrap and reassemble stuff before organizing where everything will go, you might find yourself in the position where you have to drag heavy sofas around the house because you can’t find the right spot for them. You didn’t have this issue when wrapping belongings, so you might not think of it.

Leave Storage Spaces for Last

Storage areas such as the garage and attic aren’t your priority – you can survive a few weeks without them. Plus, you probably had a garage sale to get rid of useless stuff before you moved, so there will be way less clutter in these spaces, and that means an easy unwrapping job for you. Now you see the real reason behind decluttering, right? You indeed have no reason to rush with organizing storage spaces, but don’t let a few months pass by before you remember that you have to do this – it’s better to get it over with as soon as possible.

Open packages, plants, and a couch
Follow our tips, and the mess in your house will be gone before you know it

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