How to Pack to Move In a Hurry in OC?

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If you’re trying to figure out how to pack to move in a hurry, you might already be stressed. Stop and breathe. It’s time to focus away from the sound of the clock ticking and center your mind on the task at hand. As professionals that we are, we know a thing or two about the relocation process, so who better to guide you than us through a sudden move? Follow our tips, and you’ll be done in no time.

How Soon Before Moving Should I Start Packing?

Are you wondering how soon should you start packing for a move? In the ideal world, you would want to have at least three to four weeks for boxing up your home and moving to a new one. Since this is not the world we live in, let’s make use of the days you have in the most optimal way. So it seems you have only ten days for the tasks that awaits you?

The first thing to do is leave the relocation stress aside. It’s futile to spend any time or energy on it at this point. You have us and our tips by your side to guide you through an efficient move, even if it’s a last-minute one. It is doable. You will just have to pick and choose which of the steps one would usually take to leave out of your relocation to-do list.

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Do not panic! You’ve got this

How to Pack to Move in a Hurry When Moving in Less Than 10 Days and You Haven’t Even Started?

When one is packing to move in a hurry, what awaits them seems daunting. However, with a few good relocation hacks and some good organizational skills, you will be done sooner than you think. And yes, that means getting everything done and ready in less than ten days. So, how do you pack a last-minute move? Let’s go through some basics.

Don’t Skip the Organizational Phase

When you are going for a hurried move, it might feel natural to try to wing it. This is a common mistake people make, but definitely not a thing to do before moving, even and especially when it’s a hurried one. Organizing won’t take you more than an hour, and it might save you a couple. Without proper planning, you will be bound to forget many things and end up going back and forth for tasks you would’ve otherwise done at once.

Your Moving Timetable Should Be Realistic

Since you’re looking at a period which is approximately ten days, it shouldn’t be hard to create a detailed timetable. In it, you want to outline every responsibility and task you must do. If you do this part responsibly, the rest will be a piece of cake. Don’t go overboard and put too much on your plate. If you bite off more than you can chew, you will surely end up dissatisfied with your achievements.

Don’t Forget to Keep Track of Your Expenses

When you are doing anything last-minute, the chances are you may need to spend more money than you usually would. You will probably have to hire movers in Orange County, CA if you are to get everything done in a timely manner. If you weren’t initially planning on hiring professionals but having your friends and family jump in, consider they won’t be able to on short notice, which means – extra spendings.

Secondly, you might not be able to sell stuff you wish to declutter and acquire additional resources in this way. This is why it’s crucial you create a detailed moving expenses checklist to know where you can spend less and where more. Relocation always entails some unforeseen expenses, so minimize them with a budget checklist.

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Planning is everything

Create a List of Everything You Are Taking and Declutter Promptly

Lists, lists, lists. We know it’s getting repetitive, but organization truly is key when it comes to a successful relocation of your home. This is the last one, though, we promise. So, before you get to boxing up, create lists of belongings you are taking and those which you’ll leave behind. After all, you are starting a new chapter of your life and thus should have space for all the new stuff it will bring.

Dedicate a Day to House Decluttering and a Garage Sale

Since it is a last-minute move, you probably do not have when to sell your belongings online. However, you can throw a one-day garage sale and get some money off of unwanted stuff you can earn money off of easily, without delaying other tasks too much. Since a last-minute move entails higher expenses, one of our tips is to try to sell what you can, and whatever is left, you can donate to a charity organization.

In case you’re left with possessions you can neither donate nor sell, we propose giving items away to your friends and family. You can even make a declutter going-away party and kill two birds with one stone. Surely, your loved ones would be happy to get some of the belongings that no longer serve you, and it will be a nice way to commemorate the times you’ve all shared in your previous apartment.

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If you throw a garage sale, you still might be able to earn some money in just one day

How to Pack for a Move Quickly? Start by Getting Get the Right Packing Supplies

Now that we’ve got the relocation to-do list, budget, and bureaucracy out of the way, let’s get to figuring out how to pack quickly for a move. However, before you jump into wrapping up and putting away, there are some preparatory steps to do first. That means picking and choosing what to box up, as well as getting all your boxing-up essentials in one place.

Create a Checklist of Packing Materials

Before you start boxing up your fragile items, you must have all the materials needed for the task. You will be able to get these at a local supply store or online, just be sure to get them all in one trip, so you do not waste even one precious hour. Here are some crucial supplies you’ll want to make sure you get:

  • Cardboard boxes and containers in multiple sizes will be needed for storing your items. There is no way to box up pots and pans without a container to places them in.
  • Cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper are crucial when it comes to protecting breakables and boxing up glasses. They will keep your more fragile and valuable items intact.
  • Seal the containers with tape once the box is filled up. As every minute counts, one of our tips is to get special tape that says ”fragile” on it to be sure your local movers in Orange County, CA, are aware of where breakables are stored. In the situation where every minute counts, the special tape will save you some minutes on labeling boxes.
  • Markers and labels to label what’s inside the box. Write up the name of the room of your home in which you’ll place the container on the box. That means a box will have ”kitchen” or ”bedroom” written on it. This way, the movers in Orange County, California, will know where in your new home to place it.

Using Some Alternatives, Will Save You Both Time and Money

Suppose you do not have the time to go around buying supplies, or your budget limits you (we know supplies are expensive). In this case, you might want to get crafty. Luckily, every home stores boxing up alternatives you are probably not even aware of, which means they are readily available, and even better – completely free.

  • Shoe boxes or saved-up cartons can be used as substitutes for professional boxes. You might have to be a bit smarter about deciding what to box up in which container, but we have no doubts you will find ways to mix and match.
  • Socks and towels can be great cushioning materials, especially when you are to box up dishes and other fragile objects. Use them to fill up and wrap glasses, and you will be good to go.
  • Old newspapers will be a perfect alternative for packing paper. If you are boxing up your plates in newspaper pages, however, ensure the dishes are properly dried up, so no ink transfers.
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Labeling promptly is key, so you are not confused afterward

How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry?

Now that you know which things you want Orange County movers to relocate, the time has finally come to answer the question: how do I pack for a fast move? We know it might be tempting to declutter some more when you get to boxing up, but trust us, it’s better that you do not. Turn your brain off, and do not start regretting your declutter choices – no, you shouldn’t have kept those things. One of our crucial tips when relocating last-minute is to stick to your decisions!

Pack Room-by-Room, Starting With the Stuff You Rarely Utilize

The best boxing up tip is to box up room-by-room. In every room, box up first the things you do not use as often. That means you should start by packing up books, and then you can box up candles, vinyl, posters, etc. Follow this logic until you are left only with the essentials. You will want to start with the living room and leave the kitchen and bathroom for last. These are the rooms you will surely be using even on the day of the big move, so ensure you leave out the stuff you will require on that day as well.

Hacks and Tricks for Packing in a Rush

To assist you the most we can, we’ve compiled a list of few short tricks for packaging in a rush. When you lack whole days to move, these will save you:

  • Pack now and sort later – If you have to finish the job now, it won’t matter if your shoes and light bulbs are in the same suitcase, just be certain they are all properly cushioned, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Place clothes as they are in suitcases – This tip seems logical if you consider the things folded in your closet. However, this works for those pieces hanging in there as well. Just wrap a garbage bag around them, beginning with the bottom, and tie it around the hanger. That’s it.
  • Put packages where you deem best – Although you should be able to manage your room space, place empty containers where you like and fill them up. The moment you are done, seal it, relocate it to a further away corner and take a new one. If you don’t follow a specific theme of which objects will go where this will save you tons of hours.

Don’t Skip Labeling

It might seem easy to skip this step but trust us, you’ll feel very sorry about this decision when you get to unpacking. First off, the employees of a relocation company you are to hire will have to know how to handle your package: Does it contain fragile objects? Should it be placed only as top load? Write up the name of the room the package is meant for as well as its content in short bullet points, and of course, ”Fragile” if the content is such. This is a step that lasts only a few minutes but will mean the world once you unpack. For more relocation and boxing up tricks, check out the following video:

Don’t Forget to Ask Friends and Family to Help You With Moving

When you are relocating in a hurry, any assistance counts. And although your loved ones are no professionals, they probably moved at least once or twice in their lives. Don’t have too many people over trying to help simultaneously, since that might create chaos, but delegate tasks promptly. Have some of them assist you in boxing up shoes, and the others can be there on the cleaning day. Probably not everyone will be able to assist on short notice, but some surely will. So do not be shy – you can’t even imagine how helpful your loved ones can be.

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A little assistance goes a long way

No Help Is Better Than the One Professional Movers in Orange County, CA, Can Provide

Although your loved ones might know a thing or two about a move, they are nowhere near prepared as our expert employees when it comes to relocating last-minute. Our company can help you relocate anything quickly, from tiny items to heavy furniture in the blink of an eye, and even provide swift assistance with difficult tasks like relocating a piano. Our professional local relocation service is brisk, affordable, and, most importantly, so reliable you won’t ever have to worry about relocation scams. Check out our reviews to see how former customers felt about our apartment relocation services – you won’t be sorry.

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If you wish to employ our services, make sure to contact us today to obtain your free quote. Our affordable movers in Orange County, CA, will surely provide you with the best last-minute moving services and at the same time give you a price that won’t break the bank.

If you need assistance with boxing up electronics or any other difficult to box up items, make sure you check out our packing service. In case you have the knowledge to box up your computer and have already rented a truck, we have a labor-only service that will get you the most reliable manpower to move your load breakage-free. We are available by email and phone, so do not hesitate to call us for any questions or doubts you might have. We are waiting for your call!

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