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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale – 5 Tips That Will Help You Earn Money Before Moving Within OC

If you want to make an extra buck for your move, you might be wondering how to have a successful garage sale. A backyard bazaar is a great way to finance a generally expensive endeavor such as a move, as well as declutter all that old stuff you can’t bear to look at any longer. As the old saying goes – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, let’s throw the most successful treasure hunt for everyone involved!

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale?

We are here to present you with the crucial tips for a successful garage sale so that you can declutter and move efficiently at the same time. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to sell anything you don’t want on your relocation to-do list and even make extra bucks to pay for the best movers in Orange County, CA. Trust us, your relocation expenses checklist doesn’t have to break the bank.

Alternative marketing can pay for the best movers in Orange County, CA
Imagination and creativity are the first things you’ll need, and better yet – they’re free

#1 Read Up on the Laws Regarding Garage Sale Organization in OC

Before we get to any garage sale ideas, it’s important to know the limits and regulations of throwing such an event within the OC. We went through all the guidelines, so you don’t have to. First, let’s answer the basic question: are you even allowed to do this? Yes, you can throw a backyard market, as long as it’s no more frequent than once every six months. However, first, you’ll have to get a permit.

What Information Will You Need for a Permit?

To throw a bazaar in your backyard, you’ll have to ask OC’s Zoning Division for permission first. The Zoning Division staff will look over the documents you organized at home and the information you submit in the PDF form to their email: You’ll want to provide them with the following:

Does it Cost Money to Throw a Market in Your Backyard?

Sadly, a yard market in OC is not for free. In case no additional documentation is required, you’ll receive an email about the approval from the Zoning Division. In the email, you’ll find a link to the Fast Track website, where you’ll get the option to create an account and pay a fee.

The fee amounts to a price of $14.00 for a homeowner permit; for every additional house participating in a Community Market, there is an additional fee of $.50. If you plan on posting off-site signs, know that each one of the signs will cost you $4.50.

Comics with prices
You have to know the rules so that you can get to earning cash

#2 We Recommend to Have Your Market in Spring

You would be surprised how much a season can influence your earnings. Weather is the first thing to look out for, and although Cali has great weather all year round, spring is the common time for these events. When everyone is getting over cabin fever in the early spring, people are ready to spend cash and mingle in the sun. If you’re wondering what is the best month to have a garage sale, aim for late March or early April.

For a Winter Move, Early Fall Sales Will Work Like a Dream

If you’re moving in winter, and want the market to be one of the things you do before a move, don’t get discouraged just yet. While many ignore the early fall as a market season, there’s no reason why fall can’t bring success. The weather is still nice, and even more importantly – there is no competition to throw you off your game. Just make sure people in your neighborhood come back from their holidays, and you’ll be golden.

What Day of the Week Works for Events Like These?

The most convenient day for a yard market is either Saturday or Sunday. This is when folks have the most time and energy to spend browsing around and spending money. Usually, these events will start in the early morning. So, just make sure to set up shop around 7 AM. to catch those early birds scouting the best buy locations in OC on their way to a morning cup of coffee.

A man in a jacket over a crate of books
Even a winter market can work if you follow the rest of our tips

#3 Find Out Which Items Are the Most Sellable

A market that precedes a move is tricky since you have to intersect the things that customers buy the most with the things you no longer need. We recommend you look at the list of things your Orange County, CA movers won’t move as well and get rid of those things as soon as you can too. So, what things sell best at garage sales? Well, save your energy and spare you from additional moving stress, ’cause we got a list ready:

What Should You Not Sell at a Garage Sale?

By OC regulations, you aren’t allowed to sell anything that doesn’t belong to the person living in the house throwing the market. Besides that, there are some things you shouldn’t offer for safety reasons, such as worn underwear, swimsuits, and socks, as well as broken stuff that is in bad shape.

A collection of various items
People love finding old trinkets on markets like these

#4 Good Advertising Will Do Half the Job for You

So, how to prepare for a garage sale? Well, with good marketing, of course. OC regulations allow you to display one advertising sign or poster on your grounds without an additional charge. However, there’s no reason you shouldn’t advertise the event in other ways.

All experienced backyard sellers and buyers know about the garage sale finder website. It’s a place where you can inform people about your market and check out others’. It will also be a good way to scout competition, and be sure you are the only house in the neighborhood throwing an event at the time.

Rely on Social Media Platforms

One of the most important garage sale tips is to speak to your crowd. And since you surely know your neighbors, you can use social media to reach them. Unlike the signs for which you’ll have to pay money to the County, a digital ad like this will be free! Create a Facebook event and share some snippets of items to be sold to get people interested. Make sure to post regularly each day leading up to the event, so it stays fresh in the minds of your future customers.

Apps on a phone screen
Don’t rely only on signs – use apps to make the event known with your friends

#5 Don’t Over- or Underprice Your Things – Like Goldilocks, Find a Price That Is Just Right

How do you price items for a garage sale? First off, we would recommend you go to a few yard markets to scout the pricing in your area. The general rule of thumb is that bigger objects have higher prices, and smaller ones are less expensive. This is a yard market, so nothing except for collector’s items should be high in price, but you shouldn’t give out stuff for free either. Check out the following video for more hacks that will help you maximize your profits:

With the Extra Money, You’ll Be Able to Hire Any Professional Movers in Orange County, CA You Want

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