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The Difference Between DIY Moving and Hiring Professional Movers

The difference between these two options is very, very big. By hiring movers you will have much more time that you can use to relax, have a stress free move, but much less money in your bank account. On the other hand if you decide to do this move on your own, you will have no time, a lot of stressful and nerve-wracking situations, but might save some money.

To help you decide which one of those options suits you better, we will talk about pros and cons of both and hopefully this will help you with your final decision.

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DIY moving:


You have a complete control over this whole moving process

You are in charge, you choose your moving supplies, your truck, how will your items be packed and in what order, how will your belongings be loaded and unloaded, you are deciding and planning everything. If you like bossing people around, this is your time to shine. 

You choose times and dates 

Flexible time is a big pro of DIY moving, you are the one that manages time and dates, so you will be the one deciding which date should be your moving date, when is the best time to start packing and finish other responsibilities that you will have during the moving process. Take some time off work so you can focus on this move, so it can be successful. 

You will save so much money

We all know how moving services tend to be pretty expensive and that is the main reason why people choose to go with DIY moving. Doing this by yourself will probably save you hundreds of dollars, so if you are trying to save money, maybe moving on your own would not be a bad idea for you. 

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This will take you a lot of time

Be prepared to invest a lot of time in this move. Moving is time consuming, but you are already aware of that, so make sure to plan that time right, since there are so many things that need to be done before, during and after the move. If you make a good moving schedule and comply with it, everything should be fine. Make sure to start early, because there are some unexpected situations, which could happen and take you more time than you originally planned. 

This will take a lot of your energy

You might have some fun during this moving process, but at the same time it will take a lot of your energy. Just think about it… all the stuff you have to prepare for packing, put it in the boxes, carry those boxes up and down the stairs and load it into a truck. Isn’t it so much easier to just let someone else do it for you?

With all the possible help after this move is over, you will most definitely still be exhausted. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for this whole moving process and make sure to get enough sleep the day before your moving date (and every other).

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You will have to plan everything by yourself

It can be relieving knowing that you are in charge of everything that is going to happen while you are moving into a different place. At the same time, that can be really exhausting and tiring. All the burdens that this move carries will fall on your back, since you are the one managing it all and making your decision.

One bad decision could cost you your stress-free move, so think far in advance before deciding anything. 

Interesting fact, if you did not already know that, you can pay your movers to make a plan for you. That way you will not have to bother doing it and can spend your time doing something that you find more important.

There will be a lot of difficult situations, which will cause you stress

Unexpected situations are happening quite often when it comes to moving, like something gets damaged, your furniture can not fit through the door opening or you did not buy enough supplies. Those types of situations will bring you a lot of unwanted stress.

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid this, you will still be pretty tense and stressed until the move is over. There are so many things that need to be done for this move and you are the only person responsible for finishing those obligations.

This is a pretty heavy burden to carry all by yourself, so if you decide to move on your own, maybe ask your friends and family to help you with everything. 

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Hiring professional moving services:


You will not waste your energy

Instead of you doing all the work, you will have someone who will do it for you and that someone will waste his own energy instead of you consuming yours. In the meantime you can relax and spend some time with your loving family.

If the weather is nice, you can go to your local beach, if you have one of course, but if not you can do fun activities together, like having a picnic, going to the park, movies, restaurants…

You will not waste your time 

Time is all we have in life. That is something that will never stop existing. So why wouldn’t you spend it as wisely as you can? Instead of wasting your time on packing,  loading and unloading your moving vehicle you can use it to do something more relaxing, like spend the day at the spa with your friend or go out and have some fun with your loved ones.

While your packers and movers prepare your house for moving it into a completely different one, you can also go out with your friends or family. Go to the cinema, restaurants, go for a cup of coffee.

You can even go on the carousel. Whatever crosses your mind, do it! We have only one life so why would we spend it doing something that we do not like, but have to? Especially if you do not have to.

Choose carefully.

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They are professionals

You might be capable of moving on your own, but professional movers are experienced in this particular aspect, they are well trained and they know the best ways to make this move a perfect experience for you.

They will pack, stuff and seal all of your belongings flawlessly, they will know what is the best order to put all the boxes in your moving vehicle, they will carry heavy boxes while loading and unloading without any trouble, because they are strong and motivated movers. 

They have been doing this job for years, some even decades and they know it the best. They have a special method for carrying all of your stuff, and know exactly at what angle to turn your couch so it would go through the door.

They have all the equipment that this move requires. That is also really important when you are moving. They have wrapping materials, wrapping paper, styrofoam, tape, moving dollies, moving vans, toolbox, protective gloves etc. 

All we can say is, you can give them your trust and they will not disappoint you.

You will have a stress-free move

The best thing of all is that you will avoid stress. Moving is not just physically exhausting it is mentally too, moving on your own can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Only way you can prevent this from happening is to hire professional movers.

OC moving services are local movers near you, who will make sure that you have the best moving experience possible. We are going to do everything for you, so you can just relax with your favorite book and cup of coffee and enjoy life. 

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A lot more expensive

We all know the moving services are not free, but are you aware of how expensive they sometimes tend to be, especially if you are moving long distance.

There are a few types of charging mothers that moving company usually use: 

But also some extra charges can appear, like moving supplies for you, fuel fee, assembling and disassembling furniture fee, moving insurance fee…

Make sure to ask your operators about what their payment options and charging methods are and if there is a possibility that some unexpected extra charges appear.

Can you trust random people with your belongings?

Letting strangers into your home and giving them permission to touch your items will not be easy. Because of that you will need some trustworthy professional movers. We can help you find them and we can guarantee you that your items will stay untouched with us and that we will take great care of them, like they are our own.

Your belongings not only have material value, but also sentimental. A lot of those things probably mean a lot to you. They might be a gift from someone, the first thing you bought with your own money, or something that your loved one has given you.

So make sure to hire a professional moving company who is licensed and insured, to relax your mind and know that everything will be perfectly fine.

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You are not the one who is telling how things are going to be done

If you hire movers, be aware that you are not the one that is doing planning, as the matter affects you are not doing anything. The only thing you can do is watch and hope for the best.

For some people this is the best dream, but for others this is the worst nightmare, this one really depends on what type of person you are. If you are a control freak this will definitely bug you.

You will want to be involved in everything that is happening and will not be able to sleep at night if you are not. So prepare yourself for that.

As you can see both have some good and some bad sides, choosing which one is best for you only depends on what your priorities are. If your priorities are saving money and having full control over the move, then DIY moving is the best thing for you.

But if you are someone who is not that good in planning on your own and you have financial stability, hiring movers would be a smart move for you. 

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