Top 5 Best Buy Locations in Orange County in 2021

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There is a reason why OC is the third-most populous county in California, with more than 3.1 million residents. If you’re scouting best buy locations in Orange County, chances are you too are familiar with the beauty and glitz of this amazing place. If not, after reading this article, hopefully, you will be both certain that OC is a great place to live in, and more importantly, you will be able to narrow down your options with our help.

We will show you exactly where you might want to settle down. We sure know it wasn’t an easy task to pick and choose only five districts among all of the sun-bathed neighborhoods the OC has to offer!

What Does the Exceptional OC Have to Offer?

The astonishing OC is situated on the west coast of the USA, tucked in by the mesmerizing Santa Ana Mountains and engulfed by the light-catching Pacific Ocean. The county has no defined center but is composed of 34 cities with many great places to live in. No wonder that so many Hollywood shows and movies took place here since although it is the smallest county in California, the county has so much to offer even.

OC Is a Place to Experience Both Fun and Culture 

OC is probably most famous for its theme parks, such as Disneyland, which was created in 1955, as well as the world-renowned Knott’s Berry Farm theme park known for its ghost town replica. However, OC is also a place of history. For a long time, it was home to Native American groups Tongva, Juaneno, and Luiseno, but the area was colonized by a 1776 European expedition when the beautiful San Juan Capistrano became the first permanent European settlement in the area, which still exists to this day. This County of culture holds some amazing museums as well as otherworldly nature, making it the perfect place to raise a family. Its beaches are special and many, but the OC sunsets that bathe the land in shades of honey and tangerine are truly one of a kind on the continent.

The stone church's patio
The preserved halls of the Basilica of Mission San Juan Capistrano completed in 1806.

Best Buy Localities in Orange County

If you are planning to throw a moving away party soon and move to your dream house in one of the safest cities in OC area – but you don’t know which, we are here to help! We created a list of the ultimate places to buy a house in that factors in value to income ratio, monthly cost, public school value, and many other things – so that you don’t have to. Check out our list of amazing neighborhoods hosting the best buy locations in Orange County, CA:

An OC sunset
There is nothing like OC sunsets

#1 The Vivid Beach Life of Seal Beach

Seal Beach is situated in the suburb of LA with a population of 24,204 residents. It is a true diamond not many people know about, providing a true small-town experience with a mixed feel of urban and suburban life. It hosts the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge of 965 acres and the naval weapons center and richness of piers, with the second-largest pier made of wood in whole California. What makes Seal Beach what it is are the locals and the security you can find only in the community they create.

Seal Beach Provides the Best Affordable Home Buy Options in the Area

The local businesses and funky cafes thrive, and although you can find quite wealthy people there, the friendly energy of the town is not shaken up. There are quite a bit of retirees in Seal Beach, with most of the population aged over 65 years, so this is a perfect place to settle down later in life. The multiple-room single-family houses’ prices are around $371,600. Such affordable housing in this part of OC is the reason most residents own the homes they live in. Seal Beach is thus a great place to be smart about and invest in since you can buy a wonderful apartment with a beautiful design and multiple rooms.

Seal Beach also belongs to the Los Alamitos Unified School District, with highly rated public schools whose students score higher SAT exam scores than the state average, making it perfect for raising a family. If you own a car, Irvine is only 20 minutes away, while driving to LA downtown can take anything between forty minutes to two hours. However, for a quiet life with still lots of possibilities for activities in nature (and a common sight of very cute seals), as well as some adorable coffee shops, you won’t need to find yourself in a traffic jam often.

A happy seal on a beach.
If you want to see seals daily, Seal Beach is the perfect place for you!

#2 Turtle Rock Is a Definite Favorite Among Best Buy Locations in Orange County

Turtle Rock is the suburb of Irvine and one of the five ”villages” that originally formed the city. It is located near the University of California and is actually one of the largest planned urban communities in the USA. It has beautiful nature with open spaces that take up more than thirty percent of the city. Turtle Rock has preserved natural parks making it perfect for families, especially those that are relocating with pets. Turtle Rock is tucked behind an amazing hill whose spectacular open panoramic view will annul all the moving stress you might experience. Also, the distance of seven miles from the ocean will provide a view that relaxes even the most anxious soul. 

The population of Turtle Rock is 25,990 and is deemed to be the tenth most diverse neighborhood in Irvine, whose residents, on average, have moderate political views. With several major employers and highly rated public schools, Turtle Rock is a great place for a career if you want that perfect ratio of work-personal life balance. With the price for a house ranging from $800.000 up to $4M, you will still be able to find affordable housing in this neighborhood if you are looking to buy smart and on a budget. Here are some Turtle Rock views that will surely make you want to get a place there.

#3 The Big-City Life in Santa Ana

If the first thing on your moving to-do list is to find a beautiful big city in the OC, look no further. For anyone looking to move to a bigger city, the city of Santa Ana is perfect. With a highly liberal population of 332,794 that mostly identifies as Latino or Hispanic, Santa Ana is the second biggest city in California. It is ideal for a younger person or a couple since it provides more options for nightlife and great restaurants and cafes to visit. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Cali place without amazing parks and a beautiful view.

Santa Ana is the financial and governmental center of OC, with the median home value around $600,000. If you have a limited budget, raising a family in Santa Ana is completely doable with above-average public schools. Santa Ana hosts some of the most exciting places to visit, such as the Santa Ana Zoo, home to more than 250 animals. The Bowers Museum will let you visit exhibits of classic works while at The Frida Cinema, you can watch both avant-garde and mainstream movies, as well as listen to concerts and become a part of the community.

A beach in Santa Ana
Although a big city, Santa Ana still has beautiful beaches to visit and sunbathe in

#4 Anaheim Houses Disneyland, So Why Not You Too?

Outside of L.A., you will find the beautiful Anaheim, the city that is the home to Disneyland. As the second-largest city in OC, Anaheim hosts around 350,000 residents and is a perfect place for young liberal professionals. It is quite a large city that provides many residential options that will fit into your expenses checklist, even if you are on a budget, with a median home value of $575,600 for houses with multiple rooms.

Anaheim Is a City of History and Open Economic Expansion

The city owes its name to the nearby Santa Ana river translating to ”home of Ana”. As its name is of German descent, so were its founding fathers, German-Americans, who were previous San Francisco residents. They formed the city in 1857, turning it into a real wine-making center. By design, Anaheim was created for business. Almost a century later, in 1954, the construction of Disneyland started.

Disneyland expanded the city’s economy as tourists flooded the city. Hotels and motels started opening, as well as cafes and restaurants. The economy was booming and attracting everyone, even sports teams. If you are moving because you want to open a business, think about the tourist-friendly space of Anaheim – as it was always historically a business center, it might turn out to be good for you too!

The Disneyland park in Anaheim
The Disneyland in Anaheim pushed the city’s economy in the right direction

Another animal-named neighborhood, Quail Hill, is one of the best places to live in OC. It is perfect for raising young children as it allows for a childhood filled with sports and outdoor activities, as well as maximum security. If you are looking for a neighborhood that is both quiet and low in crime, Quail Hill should definitely be on your list of the Orange County best buy locations. Here, you won’t need to worry about moving scams from Orange County, CA movers, or any other type of criminal activities for that matter, since there is almost no crime on Quail Hill.

However, because of its high quality of life and beautiful architectural design, in April 2021, the price for a house with multiple rooms went up 42.0% compared to last year. The median price now is around $1.3M, so you might want to consider some more budget-friendly OC alternatives if you are on a tight budget.

A palm tree set against a golden hour sky
The view of beautiful palm trees set against OC sunsets is a reason in itself to move there

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