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7 Things You Forget to Do When You Move to a New OC Town

It is almost too easy to pile up a list of things you forget to do when you move. And it’s no wonder – moving is hard. Having many things under control for an extensive period of time, with the usual daily obligations, can really make a person forgetful. To help ease up the stress that comes with accidentally overlooking duties, we’ve created a list of the most common mistakes people make, with tips on how to not repeat them.

A woman stressed because of forgetting to hire Orange County, CA movers
Overlooking tasks can be a real nightmare when you are about to move, but we have the tips to get you through the tasks

Creating a Moving and Packing Checklist Will Help You Be on Top of All the Things People Forget to Pack

Don’t let anybody fool you: if you want to move efficiently to a new home, you’ll have to put your back into it. And by this, we mean that you’ll have to organize, plan and create a packing list or two in order to be on top of everything. A move is an all-consuming process, one that requires time, energy, and dedication. Because you’re required to keep track of too many tasks, it’s too easy to let some of them slip your mind. So, to avoid the common mistakes and oversights, start your relocation process by creating a thorough to-do list and have a plan of action you can visualize.

Some People Find That Digitizing Their Checklist Is the Best Way to Go

A to-do list should be a place where you gather all your duties and responsibilities one should do before relocation takes place. From packing glasses to choosing the drinking menu for your going-away partyyou’ll constantly be adding tasks on the list and crossing them over. Because a relocation checklist is often updated, a lot of people find that having it on their phone makes the process much more convenient.

On the one hand, digitizing your checklist on a device, you keep with you at all times will help you be sure you will actually update it as you go. This makes it easier to organize and keep track of your duties. After all, you wouldn’t want to overlook a list that is meant to help you remember to do other stuff. Additionally, a digital list is managed more easily, as you don’t have to have a pen and paper on you and can elegantly erase or add anything you might need. So now that we’ve hopefully convinced you a list is in order let us propose a few crucial points you should place on it. 

A moving checklist with some pens and scissors
It’s really important to have a well-organized checklist you can easily update

#1 Changing Your Address Is Among the Most Recurrent Things You Forget to Do When You Move

We all know how hectic a move can get – so much so, we tend to forget about the most obvious stuff, like changing the address of our residence with the authorities. If you live in Orange County, you’re required to update your information with the USPS first so that none of your mail ends up misaddressed. To avoid any lingering confusion after you move, take one of the following routes in changing your address:

Getting Multiple Bureaucratic Tasks Done in One Trip Will Save You Both Time and Effort

Unfortunately, once you set your records straight with the USPS, you’ll still have to deal with other bureaucratic tasks. One of them is to update your driver’s license, ID, and vehicle registration. These have to be updated either online or in-person at a local DMV, no later than 30 days after you move. 

The good thing about getting your driver’s documents updated is that you’ll kill two birds with one stone and get your voter registration updated as well, at the same time. So, to make your relocation to a new home a more pleasant experience, be sure you know which bureaucratic tasks you can get done in one visit so that you don’t waste any precious time going back and forth.

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#2 It’s Crucial Not to Forget to Pack Your Documents

Speaking of bureaucracy, you should never overlook organizing important documents and packing them up. Because movers won’t move documentation, this is a task no one can do for you, even if you hire Orange County, CA movers. So, here is a short list of documents to help you keep track of paperwork:

While some of the documents mentioned above, like old bills, you won’t necessarily have to move, some you will. Those that fall into the second category should always be readily available to you and easily obtainable. So, we recommend you buy a beautiful new binder in which you can store the paperwork you might need in your moving process. Trust us – this moving hack will save you a lot of peace of mind down the road. You can thank us for the tips later.

A well-organized binder
A well-organized binder can store hundreds of pages inside – so there should be no second-guessing about getting one

#3 It Might Be Ironic, But Items You Use Daily Can Easily Become Things You Forget to Pack

Because some items are so often utilized, it can be so easy to overlook them. Because you’ll need stuff, like keys and medications on a daily basis, these can, unfortunately, end up missing from your packing list. Additionally, most people follow the packaging order that goes as follows: first the non-essential stuff, and then the ones you use regularly. So, don’t forget about packing the fragile and small items before you set sail for your new home.

Keep Your Electronic Devices and Chargers On Hand

While you’ll surely remember to pack your TV, some other electronic devices might escape your eyesight. Packing electronics and chargers is especially crucial for an efficient move. So, make sure your laptop charger, phone charger, USB ports, and power bank are all set aside so that you can just put them in a safe baggie and take them with you before you move. To make sure your cables and chargers are adequately packed, we recommend checking out the following video:

#4 Everyday Jewelry and Makeup Is on the List of Common Things People Forget to Pack

People who like to accessorize know how easy it is to misplace jewelry and watches daily – let alone when you’re about to move to a new home in a completely different safe OC city. And the same goes for those who are used to putting makeup on before they leave the house. So, one of our tips to ensure all your beauty products are with you is the following: have one makeup bag in which you’ll put these commonly used items. 

The other beauty products you use for going out, or for special occasions you can pack up days before. Then, you can place the vanity case in a visible spot in your bathroom or bedroom, and that way, there’s not a chance you will fail to remember it when the relocation day comes.

A girl putting makeup in her home
If makeup is an important part of your daily routine, you won’t want to fail to remember to take it with you

#5 Taking Care of Yourself During the Relocation Should Definitely Be Among the Things You Remember to Do When Moving

Relocation stress is one of the most common side effects of moving. And when people are stressed, there’s a high chance their daily routines and self-care activities will suffer due to anxiety. So, no matter how challenging figuring out how to relocate a piano might seem, know that it is just as important to eat, sleep and enjoy physical activities regularly. If you want to make it to the after-move unpacking phase in one piece – these shouldn’t be neglected.

Just Because You’re Moving Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Eat Regularly

On the day of the big move, everything seems more important than food. Hopefully, when the day arrives, you will have packed all of your pots and pans. Yet, there is a downside of not having to pack in a hurry, and that is that you will have nothing to work with in the kitchen to make a quick meal before exiting your home. So, if your relocation expenses checklist doesn’t allow you to eat takeout or dine out in these stressful times, have some prepped meals ready in the fridge. And if you manage to make some for the first few days after the move, it will be all the better.

A girl reading a book in a bathtub
If you don’t want to end up burnt out after the move, ensure you have calm moments that reduce stress

#6 While It May Seem Like Some Appliances Are a Part Of the Kitchen – if You Bought Them, You Should Remember to Take Them With You

Did you know that some of the most commonly forgotten items to box up are kitchen appliances? It may seem weird because they are neither cheap nor small, however, these items seemingly have magical properties that allow them to blend into the kitchen space perfectly. Coffee makers, water heaters, and microwave ovens – all very important and all so easily forgotten. So, before you exit your house, take a second trip around the kitchen of your soon-to-be former home – you might end up being grateful to yourself in a few days.

Kitchen appliances in a kitchen the best movers in Orange County, CA will soon move
If you want to enjoy the first morning in your new place with a cup of coffee in hand, remember to pack up all the kitchen appliances

#7 Call Multiple Movers in Orange County, CA, and Obtain Free Quotes Before It’s Too Late

It’s really important to approach your moving process in a timely and diligent manner, and that means having both your expenses and your moving dates set in stone. If you have these taken care of, you can go ahead and hire the best movers in Orange County, CA, to help you out with your residential relocation.

But, how will you know which movers in Orange County, California, are the best packers and movers for the job and not just a part of a scamming scheme? Well, it’s quite easy. All you have to do is a little research, ask your loved ones about their experiences, and of course, call multiple companies to get free quotes weeks before your move is due. After obtaining multiple quotes, you’ll be able to compare them and hire the most qualified and affordable movers in Orange County, CA, to provide you with labor-only moving services.

Local movers in Orange County, CA taking boxes into a truck
Booking a relocation company in advance will surely ease up the stress of a move

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