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Residential moving in Orange County is not as easy as it may look. People usually think that they can get this done with a bit of help from friends and family and often look at it as a fun experience. Although moving by yourself is entirely possible, many who tried ran into several problems and instead of moving a few boxes around, they were under a lot of stress so they started looking for residential moving services.

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It is always a better option to find residential movers that know what they are doing and that they can help you fulfill your moving goals, which are: stress-free and safe move.

This is where Residential Rovers Orange County kicks in. We will provide you with an incredible residential moving experience and our trained experts will take over.

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Why should Orange County Residential Movers be the first choice on my list of moving companies?

Our Orange County Movers have been in this industry for a very long time. We’ve been providing our moving services to the good people of Orange County since 1999 and we don’t plan to stop.

Ever since we started moving, we took one step forward in learning the ins and outs of high-quality residential move and we always wanted to upgrade our residential moving services.

Nowadays, we have a fleet of trucks that we regularly service and clean in order to provide each of our clients with the best possible experience. Not only that, but we have expanded and people look for our services all year round.


Residential Movers in Orange County is one of the best movers for a reason. Our trained staff members will take care of your moving situation and we will transport all of your belongings to your new home effortlessly. Our goal is to be the best in the business and every year, the bar is slightly higher.

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Jay D.

BEST MOVE EVER! Juan, Jesús, Quirino, Arturo, Dennis and Mikola were professional, courteous, prompt and thorough. I can not give any greater recommendation for a move than OC Movers and this crew!

Furthermore, we are one of the few residential moving companies that is transparent from the moment that you contact us. We will tell you what we can do and what we cannot do and you will know from the first moment what to expect from us.

Also, we will provide each client with full dedication no matter how many clients we service at that moment. All you will have to do is sit and relax and let us take over your residential relocation.

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Get Your Quote from Orange County Residential Movers and Plan Your Budget

The first step in your residential moving process is to call our movers and get a quote. Why is this important to do at the very beginning? Because we are going to answer all your questions and remove any doubts that you might have about your residential move.

Furthermore, you will receive a price estimate based on several factors that we will mention below. But first, you should know that a quote can help you plan out your budget. It is important to see how much your residential moving service is going to cost so that you plan everything out accordingly.

Getting the quote with Orange County residential movers is easy. All you have to do is call us and talk to one of our specialists and they will take care of everything and offer you an accurate quote.

What we count on when we provide quotes is the move size or the number of bedrooms you have as well as zip codes and the pickup and delivery locations. Furthermore, we need to know if there are stairs in your home and if you have any heavy or special items that you want to move. Last but not least, whether you are in a rush or not will have an impact on how much your move is going to cost.

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Bill H.

The moving team arrived on time. They were very professional and took great care of all of my furniture. I will definitely use OC Moving in the future.

There are two more options to get a quote, but we always recommend the call because we can estimate your residential move in the best way possible. But the other options are:


Whichever quoting option you include, keep in mind that you will get an hourly rate, but that we cannot determine the exact price at the very beginning of the move.


Booking Your Relocation with OC Moving Services is Quick

After you get the quote from your Residential Orange County Movers, you can take some time and think about the offer. Compare the offer with the ones you get from the other companies and you will see that our residential moving services are among the most affordable.

Once you are determined to move with OC Moving Service, you can give us a ring and one of our relocation specialists is going to guide you through the entire booking process. Booking over the phone is pretty straightforward, and we will just collect the information we need and create a contract that we will send to you.


Keep in mind that just like other residential moving companies, OC Moving Services will ask for a deposit, which will be counted in the overall moving price once the relocation is completed. We will send you the confirmation email where you will have all the details regarding your move and some FAQs to help you at the beginning of the process..


How does moving with Residential Movers from Orange County Look Like?

During your booking process, you selected a moving day. OC Moving Services will send a team but we will also provide you with a window of arrival that is always guaranteed. This will give you an idea of when our team will come so that you can prepare accordingly.

Moving day is the most stressful day of the entire relocation and this is how it looks like:



Our movers will start disassembling your furniture and prepare everything for transport. You don’t have to worry about tools and packing equipment because our local movers will bring everything they need for the relocation.



Moving furniture is a huge part of every residential relocation. Residential moving companies usually train staff members to disassemble large furniture pieces such as beds, closets, etc. OC Moving Services will disassemble everything and bring proper equipment to make sure each furniture piece is safely transported.



Our residential movers will pack all of your belongings into boxes. When it comes to the packing materials and equipment, you have nothing to worry about. If you want to speed up the packing process, you can always declutter your home a few days before the move so that our movers know that they need to pack everything inside your home.



Loading your stuff in the truck is a huge step. The items need to be placed carefully so that they don’t tip over during the transport. We know how to load everything so that it is safely transferred to your new home.



Once there’s nothing else to pack and load, we will transport your items to your new house. We will drive safely enough but we won’t be slow.



As soon as we arrive, we will start taking things out and bringing them inside your new home.



We will carry all the boxes and unpack everything.

mover move box


Everything our residential movers took apart, they will bring back together. We will not leave your house until everything is re-assembled. We will place all the heavy furniture into their correct positions, leaving you with nothing else to do but enjoy your new home.

This is how the moving day looks like if you select full pack service. But we leave your options flexible.

The process is seamless because our movers know exactly what they need to do. The speed of the move will mostly depend on the number of items you want to transfer but also the size of the move. However, we will never jeopardize safety, but at the same time we will be as quick as possible.

You can now understand why OC Moving Services are one of the best local movers in Orange County.

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Hailey K.

"James was very professional during the whole process. Everything was neatly secured and was nice enough to place items where I wanted them. Didn't break any thing I was super happy with my experience with them."

movers wrapping item

Packing Options with Orange County Residential Movers

Other than full pack service where we do all the work, you can also select partial packing service or standard service. With partial packing, we will pack your kitchen and closet free of charge, but we will have to charge for packing supplies, or leave you to buy them.

The standard service is for those who want their residential move to be cost effective. Here, you will do all the hard work.


Some of the things that we will include in the final price are tools and equipment our movers will bring to the site and all the other materials we use (padding materials, shrink wrap and moving blankets).

Of course, there’s also the crew that gets paid and we need to cover our trucks, insurance and taxes and these are the things that are always included in the price.

OC Moving Services: Orange County Movers with Affordable Price Tag

*One of the biggest concerns a majority of people have when they move is the price. How much residential movers change can make or break the deal.

The best way to check how much it will cost you to move with OC Moving Services is to give us a call and get a quote. However, we will provide you with a pricing table just to get the idea of the price before you take further action:

There are several things that you need to know about our pricing. Our company charges by the hour and we have a three-hour minimum charge for all the residential moves in the area.


What does the price include?

Everything about your move will be covered in this price. The size of the relocation determines how much you will pay for the hour, but we will bring all the tools and equipment and our staff members will disassemble and reassemble everything. Furthermore, we will use that money to pay our crew and of course we will arrive with the truck, so that one is covered as well.

Last but not least, our residential movers offer insurance, which we always advise our clients to take. This will protect your belongings in case of damage.

The most important thing to remember is that there are no hidden fees. You will not get charged extra for the services that don’t exist and we will not put anything in the contract that will change the price. OC Moving Services value transparency and honesty and we treat our clients with respect.

Before you call us to book your move, check out the
few questions we usually get from our clients:

number Will Orange County Residential Movers Move Food?

Even though residential moves are usually short local relocations, moving food is something OC Residential Moving Services don’t transport. However, we will be able to move unopened and non-perishable items such as canned goods, soups, pasta, etc. This can be packed in one of the boxes where you will pack your kitchen utensils.

number Why Hire Residential Movers Such As Oc Moving Services?

Residential movers will make your moving experience effortless. A lot of people underestimate the difficulty of a residential relocation and they try to do it by themselves. The most common reason to get in touch with the movers is if you want to have peace of mind during the move and save time.

OC Moving Services will make sure to make your relocation time-efficient and take care of all the parts of the move for you.

nubmer What Residential Movers Won’t Move?

Even though you are moving with a professional company, they will not transport everything from your home. There are some things such as perishable food, family heirloom, plant, high-valued items, liquor, hazardous materials, and some other special items that movers will not transport.

You will have to take care of such items and there’s no way around it. Even though OC Moving Services will transport most of your staff, the items we listed above are not transported by movers for a few reasons. They can either get damaged easily, or they worth too much and it is a risk to do so. Some items can damage the truck or the other goodies inside and that’s why they are avoided.

Orange County Residential Movers Wait for Your Call

Scheduling your residential move has never been easier.

All you have to do is call (657) 888-9272. However, we also have an email address where you can write to us if you have any questions or you would like to schedule a move this way:

We are working every day from 7 AM to 8 PM and on Sundays from 7 AM to 7 PM. Since we are available every day, expect us to answer you quickly!

We are the best residential movers in the area and you can call us and check if this claim is true or not. If you are looking for a reliable residential relocation in Orange County, give us a call today!