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Top 9 Reasons To Hire Professional Movers

Who are professional movers? The answer is obvious but we are still going to explain it. They are people who are trained professionals and are willing to help you move all of your belongings from one location to another. Unfortunately, not for free.

Now, you are probably interrogating yourself. Why would I pay someone to do it if I have hands and legs? Why would I spend money on something like that when I can save up for vacation? The answer is, because they will save you from stressing out to no end. 

You might be thinking, is it really that stressful? It can not be that hard… Well, it can. It all depends on how much stuff you have and how many of your friends and family are going to help you. Also how strong you are physically and mentally – and how careful you are, because you do not want to break any of your things. 

So with all of this said, we will give you some reasons to help you decide whether you will or will not hire professional movers.

1. It will save a lot of your time

Moving by itself is stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are planning on doing it by yourself. To save some energy and, of course, time, we suggest you hire movers who will do half of your obligations for you. You can even hire them to pack everything for you, but if you are planning on doing that part on your own, you can still prepare everything else while your movers are carrying all of your boxes into a van. So, while they are doing what they are trained for, you can clean up the rest of the house, or even relax and grab something to eat. You will have plenty of time, so do not worry about anything.

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2. It will save a lot of your energy

Packing things in the boxes and emptying your house can be fun (for some time), but it is not that entertaining carrying all the boxes up and down the stairs and all around your house. That can also be fun, in the beginning, or when you are carrying lighter boxes, but after a short period of time your back will start to hurt and your hands and legs will get tired. You will exhaust not only your physical, but also your mental health (because you will have mental breakdowns every 10 minutes). That is one more reason to listen to our advice, and pay someone else to do it. They are, like we said, trained professionals and will do it so much faster and without any suffering.

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3. You can trust them

Trust is not given, it is earned. We understand how hard it is for you to have faith in someone you have never even met, but these people are worth it. Just give them one chance, and you will see with your own eyes, they will not fail you. They will, in fact, help you and make your life at the time so much easier and less stressful

One really important thing, that you might not pay a lot of attention to, is to check if the moving company you are hiring is licensed and insured. We hope that this is the first thing you check before you decide what moving company you are going to hire.

If they are licensed that means that it is legally allowed for them to run business in the state. 

You can always find their license number on their website or business card, so if you do not see it, try looking somewhere else and search for another moving company.

That is their first step to earning your trust.

Insurance is also a big deal because, even though you are hiring trained professionals, mistakes can always be made, no matter what. Unfortunately, if that does happen, there are always some consequences. If your moving company is insured, no matter what your movers break or damage, the damage will be compensated for and you have nothing to worry about. 

If they are not insured, our advice is the same as with a license, try looking somewhere else and finding a company that will make sure you are happy and satisfied.

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4. You have more time for yourself

Moving your whole house into another place and taking care of yourself does not go together. Mostly because you have a lack of time and are in a hurry to do everything you are supposed to do until the moving date. If you hire movers, yes you will still have to do some things by yourself, but so much less than you would if you did not hire them. While your motivated movers are preparing all of your boxes and carrying them into a van, you can use that time for some selfcare. You can go shopping, you can go to a restaurant with your friends or family, you can choose and buy new decorations for your new house, so it would feel more like home. You can schedule yourself a massage and relax not only your body, but your mind also.

5. They can make inventory list for you

This is one more thing that you will have to pay a little bit more cash, but it will save a lot of your time and will let your brain loosen up a bit.

If you do not know what inventory list, it is a list of your possessions (that you make) which says in what condition they are, what is their worth and how many of them you have. You should write down every single thing in your house, even little things you forgot about. 

It helps you organize everything better, and just in case something happens you have proof that you owned that item. You can write it all down or just take pictures of every item.

Like we said, you do not have to bother doing all this, instead you can pay your movers to do it for you and get it off your back.

Create an inventory list

6. They can pack your belongings for you

This is the part of the move that most people do by themselves, either because they want to save money, or just because they do not find it that hard and exhausting to do.

Packing can be fun so we would not say this is that important for hiring professional movers, but you should be aware of this option. Packing services Orange County can make things a lot easier for you and help you out a lot. It is our mission to provide you with tips about everything that we think matters, and it is your choice whether you will do it or not.

If you do not want to hire movers to pack your belongings for you, here are some tips to help you pack on your own:

tape your boxes the right way

7. You avoid doing any heavy lifting

Who likes carrying heavy boxes, full of someone’s belongings (some of them are even breakable) , up and down the stairs, all over again?

We guess the answer is not you. But your motivated movers do. They find pure joy and happiness doing their job and making other people satisfied and stress free

Why would you risk breaking your back bringing all of your stuff outside and carrying boxes the whole day long? Lets not forget about the risk where, if you live in an apartment, if you damage any corner of that building you will have to pay for the damage that you caused. If your movers do that, they will be the ones paying for that. You will save a lot of your energy, a lot of your time and most importantly your nerves.

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8. Your belongings will transport into your new house without a scratch

Most of your things have some material and, even more important, sentimental value. We suppose that you want them to arrive into your new home entirely. With your professional movers that is exactly what is going to happen. They will take care of your things even more than you do. They are trained professionals and have been doing that for years so they know every method for carrying every single item you own. They know exactly at what angle they should turn your couch and carry it downstairs so it would not get damaged. Would you be able to do that by yourself?

9. They have all the needed equipment

Boxes of every size, tape, bubbling wrap, styrofoam, packing paper, moving dollies, moving vans, toolbox, wrapping materials, furniture sliders, protective gloves. Everything that you might not even think of, they carry with them. If you say moving dolly, the first thing they do is they take it out of their pocket. Whatever you need for moving all of your things is right there with them. One more reason to make it easy for you and let the professionals do what they know the best.

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