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Moving in Orange County requires careful planning, especially if you need to transport instruments. Piano Movers Orange County can assist you in transporting your upright piano safely to your new destination, but this is just one of the services that we offer to our clients.

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Pianos can be expensive and moving them requires care and precision. Once damaged, pianos can be fixed but that costs some extra money and you never know if it is going to keep the original sound. That’s why you want a piano moving company that has a trained staff for the job.

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Why should you choose our Professional Piano Movers?

Once you start looking for “piano moving near me”, you will notice that there isn’t a large number of moving companies that are willing to move pianos. And there are several reasons for that.

Pianos can be really heavy. They are difficult to move, especially if you are moving out or in an apartment. That would take everything out of the movers.

Secondly, moving companies don’t want to risk it by damaging it or accidentally dropping the piano, which is completely reasonable.

However, OC Moving Services has gone a step further to become the best piano movers for you. We noticed that a lot of people played piano when we moved their entire homes and decided to train our movers specifically for this instrument.

The movers that arrive at your location will know what to do with your upright piano right away. After all, isn’t it frustrating to hire a professional moving company and they leave your upright piano behind?

Now, you have to search for piano movers, organize your move, pay for their services and go through the process again – just for your piano.


And this is why our piano movers in Orange County CA are one of the best companies. Not only will we provide full moving and packing service, but we will also transport your upright piano and keep it safe along the way.

At this point, we are only transporting upright pianos, but we plan to add other types of pianos to our list as well!

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Maria V.

Excellent Service. All the team I s very professional. I am a respetable client! Don't hesitate to use their services

Piano Movers Orange County Will Provide You with a Quote on Our First Call

Planning your Orange County relocation takes a while. You need to create a moving checklist and figure out which company to hire to conduct your move. One of the biggest aspects is the price and our Orange County Piano Movers are one of the most affordable moving businesses in the area.

Getting a quote is the first step in your moving process. You can get a quote easily on our website by filling out the form or you can send us an email and go through from there.

However, since you are moving your piano, which is a special item, it is best to call our company representatives and inquire about the moving quote. You will be able to find the contact details at the very end of this article.

Other than piano moving service, we will count in the number of bedrooms when we are sending you a quote, zip codes of the pickup and delivery and if there are some time restrictions or not.

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Janice C.

Have used this moving company more than once. They are very professional and took great care moving my furniture.


Booking Your Move with Piano Movers Orange County

Once you get a quote, you can book your move with our piano movers or simply take some time to explore more options. However, you will hardly find anyone to help you with your relocation and your piano at the same time. Yet, we understand that you want to find if there’s any better alternative.

People usually don’t rush with their moves and sometimes they want to check every detail before they finally book. This is always better to do than just go with the first moving company in Orange County you find.


If you do decide to move with our professional piano movers, make sure to give us a ring and book your reservation. Again here, we are leaving you with an option to either call us or send us an email and proceed from there.


No matter how you contact us, we will need to collect some information about your move. Our company representative will guide you through the booking process which is fairly simple. We will send you the confirmation to your email address with all the moving details.


Our piano movers will ask you to select a moving date and a time window in our calendar – you have full control of when you want to move. Furthermore, upon reservation you will have to pay a small deposit, but this amount will be counted towards your overall price of the move.


How will our Piano Movers transport your piano on the moving day?

Come the moving day and our Orange County piano movers will arrive at your location on the agreed time and start with your move.

Other than general disassembling, packing and loading services, we will also have to transport your piano. Keep in mind that the piano must be located on the ground floor and this is something we will check with you before the reservation.


Despite that, we will need a four-man crew to get the job done. Our piano movers are trained in carrying pianos and we will safely get it out of your home and load it onto the truck. We have all the equipment we need for piano moving.


Once loaded onto the truck, we will secure your piano so that it doesn’t move during the transport, but also prevent the damage that can be caused by boxes that can tip over or some other items in the truck.


Loading your possessions is crucial for the piano move. We will make sure each box is placed in the truck in a position where it cannot move.

Once we arrive, our movers will take the piano out of the truck and get it inside your home. Just like it is the case that the piano must be located on the ground floor, our movers will not bring the piano upstairs.

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Shonya M.

Used OC Moving Service to move my mom into her senior apt. The movers were very respectful of her and her belongings. The move was seamless. Definitely would recommend them.

Piano Movers Orange County Will Send You A Personalized Rate

A Piano is one of those items that is difficult to move. When calculating the price, we will take various factors into consideration.

OC Moving Services offer the price that includes:

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.)
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets)
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size
  • Insurance
  • All-taxes
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But, since you are moving a piano as well make sure to contact us to get the accurate price. Our piano movers charge per hour with three hours being the minimum for one move.

One of the best things about Orange County piano movers is that we don’t include any hidden fees and the price you get is the price you will pay at the end of the move.

Here’s the breakdown
of our prices:

*without piano moving service/p>

This can help you estimate your move and organize everything, but for the final overall price, make sure to call our piano movers.

Before you call us to book your move, check out the
few questions we usually get from our clients:

number Who moves pianos in my area?

OC Moving Services is a professional piano moving company that offers piano moving service to all the residents of Orange County. We have been in the moving business for over 20 years. Our experienced movers are trained to relocate upright piano movers located on the ground floor of your home.

However, we noticed that a lot of people played pianos and we will add a list of different pianos that we will be able to move.

number Do piano movers tune the piano?

No, our piano movers do not tune pianos. We specialize in moving and although we have some gifted crew, they will not be tuning your piano. Moving a piano shouldn’t affect its tuning. If your piano was in tune before the move, it will most likely stay in tune after the relocation.

If you want to tune your piano, it is best to call piano technicians who specialize in this.

nubmer Can regular movers move a piano?

Depends on the movers. OC Moving Services specialize in piano moving but we only relocate upright pianos. Our goal is not to accept every move just for the sake of it but to help people where we can. If you have a concert piano or any other type, or your piano is located upstairs, we will not be able to accept moving your piano (but we can still move your home).

This is a slippery slope because there are a large number of companies who might tell you that they can move your piano, when in fact, they are specialized in doing so. There are also moving companies that aren’t transparent about their services and they will charge you a lot for your piano moving.

The worst-case scenario is that your piano gets damaged. That’s why we recommend moving with our Orange County Piano Movers or if you have a different type of piano we cannot move, choosing a piano moving specialist. Be careful who you entrust your instrument to.

Orange County Piano Movers are Waiting for your Green Light to Start!

Are you ready to move your piano? Contact your trusted piano movers at (657) 888-9272.

Our company is at your disposal every day from 7AM to 8PM whereas Sundays we close just one hour earlier but you can also reach us then!

You can also write to as via email: info@ocmovingservices.com if you have any piano moving questions or questions about your relocation in general. Or if you want to book your move via email, that works as well!

Select reliable piano movers in Orange County CA for your move and watch our movers dance!