The Ultimate Packing List for Those Moving Within Orange County

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Every efficient move requires a thorough packing list. A checklist like this should entail every item you own and wish to take to the new home. It should also work as a guide to packing for a move. Our movers in Orange County, California offer professional knowledge combined with years of expertise to help you create these instructions and perfect your own checklist. Let’s turn your move into a swift and efficient one.

Why Make a Packing List for a Move?

You might be asking yourself (amidst all the relocation stress and infinite tasks one has to do in order to move to one of the best places to live in Orange County, CA), why should you spend precious time on a packing checklist? Well, to be frank, a move is a true venture, one that takes up a lot of energy. That’s why whatever your reasons to move might be, a relocation checklist can assist you to avoid any common relocation mistakes.

If you’re aiming for an efficient move, you should spend some time listing up everything you’re to pack to move to a new home, even (and especially) if you’re to move in a hurry. With so many possible things to forget when you move, this ultimate relocation hack known as putting on paper as much as you can will be life-saving. Whether your boxing up list can be part of a bigger to-do checklist or it can stand on its own, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it is there.

 An organizational binder
If you ask us, a binder is heaven-sent for creating lists and organizing a move

Before Making a Packing List You Have to Declutter

A move is a great chance to reduce the number of things you own. Besides, a relocation marks a new chapter in your life, so why not create space for all the new objects it’ll bring? This is why, before creating a packaging checklist, you should donate objects you no longer find useful. Luckily there are many donation centers in the OC. Furthermore, what you can’t donate, try to sell or recycle.

Another Thing to Do Before Making a Packing List Is to Acquire Packaging Supplies

Whether you are going to package plates or dedicate your efforts to boxing up fragile items, supplies will be much needed. So make sure that a thing you do before the move is to buy essential packaging materials. Check out the OC Post Box on 21520 Yorba Linda Blvd G to find the best supplies in the County.

If you don’t have the time to browse the shops, know that if you hire Orange County, CA moverspackaging services, you can skip this step altogether.

However, if you decide to go material hunting we present you a checklist of supplies and equipment you will need to box up anything and everything in your home:

  • Boxes and containers in multiple sizes,
  • Tape and a glue gun,
  • Markers and post-its,
  • Cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packaging paper,
  • Dolly and relocation blankets if you are to move a piano or any bulky object
  • Plastic wrapping.
Packaging supplies Orange County, CA movers will supply you with
Packaging supplies are a staple for a successful move

Our Packing Guide Suggests That You Start the Checklist With Non-Essentials

Now that you’ve decluttered and acquired all needed supplies, you can get to boxing up. The first items you will want to put aside are those you don’t use on a daily basis. That means you should start by boxing up books, artwork, vinyl, CDs as well as packaging candles. Leave out only a book or a CD you are currently invested in. Next, tackle your mirrors and vases. These are quite large, so they’ll help you empty the space and notice all those tiny things you might otherwise miss.

Shelves of books affordable movers in Orange County, CA will pack up
Don’t leave emptying your shelves for the last day – it’s a first thing to do

Move Onto Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Next up on the order is to package clothes, accessories, and don’t forget to box up shoes – or at least the majority of them. The same logic applies everywhere – first you package those items you don’t use regularly, and then the rest. You will, of course, want to leave out enough things to last you through the entire boxing-up period, that is, until you reach the new residence in one of the safest cities in Orange County.

Tackle the Clothing Meant for Opposite Seasons First

If you are a true OC resident, you must own a lot of bikinis, beach towels, and summer dresses. When the swimming and tanning season is in full bloom, you must be using these quite often. That’s why they won’t be first in line to go. Actually, if you are a big sports enthusiast, it’s better to tackle your equipment first. Next take up the jeans, the jackets, and the scarves. Whatever the season might be, ensure you start by getting the opposite season’s clothes out of the way.

How to Pack Clothes in the Best Way Possible?

Let us tell you a few of our local Orange County movers’ secret tips and tricks. The first one will be especially helpful if you are in a hurry. A great way to pack clothing that hangs on the closet racks is to use a garbage bag. Yes, you read that right. Cut out a little hole in the middle of its bottom, and take the head of the hanger through it. If you package the clothing like this, you will save yourself time later on. Not only will you be exempt from placing the clothing back on the hangers, but they’ll stay flat so that you don’t have to iron them again.

For the folded clothing that lays on closet shelves, consider utilizing the suitcases. This is a great way to save space and fill up containers that you already have – not to mention that it’s an environmentally friendly way to box up things. For pro tips and tricks on folding your clothing in the most optimal way, check out the following video from packaging expert Marie Kondo:

The Next in Line Is Living Room Furniture

In case you own most of your furnishing, be ready to package furniture as well. Write up every large item you are to move, and once you get to boxing them up, start with those that are not essential. This means taking your plastic wrap and dolly straight to the living room. While you’re there, take up packaging electronics (even those you consider essential) – and yes, that does include boxing up your TV as well. 

Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Essentials Will Be Among the Last to Package

There is a reason the living room is first to go, and that is because, contrary to its name – you can live without it. Next up will be the bedroom. You will, of course, leave the bed you sleep in for last, but everything else, including packaging your computer is on the menu. After that, you will move onto the bathroom and kitchen.

When it comes to your kitchen cabinet, pack glasses for wine and whiskey first – you won’t be needing those. However, when boxing up dishes, you can pack plates and bowls, but not all of them. Make sure to leave out one or two for your meals. After that move on to the bathroom. You’ll require essentials such as toilet paper, skincare routine essentials, and makeup till the last minute. These are small, so it won’t be difficult to box them up when the time comes. Before you do, however, ensure you write down everything you will take.

Labeled boxes ready to be carried by Orange County, CA movers
It’s important to package each room, and have enough days to do so prior to your move

Don’t Forget to Pack the Items Your Local Movers in Orange County, CA Won’t Move

If you plan on hiring professional movers in Orange County, CA, know that every company has its own rules and regulations on what items its movers won’t move. This doesn’t mean that you should just forget about these objects. On the contrary, these are oftentimes valuable and personal things that need special attention. Also the ones you would want to have on you if, by any chance, it turns out that a company you hired is actually a part of relocation scams.

Start By Listing and Organizing Your Documents

Lists like these often include irreplaceable objects such as personal documents, financial records, and sensitive data. So, buy a binder at your local OC bookstore, and get to organizing your documents at home. Although they really shouldn’t be, documents are (ironically) among the most commonly forgotten things to box up. Do not repeat mistakes many have made. Write up all crucial documents, such as IDs, driver’s license, birth, death, and marriage certificates, medical records, credit card, and bank statements to have them on you once you move.

You’ll Need to Pack and Carry All Your Medicines As Well

Not all companies avoid transporting medication but meds are another thing you’ll want to have on you for the move. From pain medicines to probiotics, you never know when you might need them. The ultimate way to take the medication with you is in its original packaging. If a medication is prescription-only, just make sure to have the prescription from your doctor on you as well.

If You Have a Pet, Put Their Items On the Checklist too

While a relocation company won’t move pets or any other living beings, they won’t have a problem taking care of their stuff. However, if you’re going to be the one to transport the pet, be sure to have all their necessities with you. This includes their carrier, some food, a toy, and a portable water bowl. All their other things, such as clothing, blankets, food storage, and the like should still be on your packing checklist.

Professional movers in Orange County, CA
Educate yourself on what things movers can’t move so that you can package and move them yourself

The Final Thing You’ll Need Is an Essentials Bag

In all the previous categories, we highlighted that some objects will be essential until the last moment. All of these will go to one extremely useful place – your essentials bag. This is a bag that should pretty much contain everything you would take on a three-day trip.

The essentials inside of it should cover all things you will use on the day before the move, the day of the move, and the first day in your new place. These include some of the following (but feel free to add anything you personally consider vital):

  • Personal documentation and money,
  • Basic electronics such as your phone, laptop, and chargers,
  • Jewelry and similar small valuables,
  • Medication,
  • Food and water for you, your household members and pet,
  • Basic hygiene products such as a toothbrush, mouthwash, soap, and the like,
  • Makeup and makeup remover,
  • A change of clothes,
  • A few crucial kitchen essentials,
  • A separate plastic baggie with some detergent and a sponge.
 A woman next to her suitcase of essentials
Use a small suitcase to take everything you require for the relocation days with you

With the Best Movers in Orange County, CA Your Move Will Be a Breeze

If you want a breezy and swift move, there’s no better hack than to hire professional packers and movers to help you with their expert residential relocation service. And our affordable movers in Orange County, CA are not only experts in providing anything from commercial relocation to helping you carry your load to the truck via labor-only relocation service but will give you a fair price as well. And if you require apartment relocation services or have to place some things in a storage unit, know that we provide in-and-out-of storage service as well.

To find out more, feel free to contact us today and obtain your free quote. Not only will we provide you with the perfect service, but we’ll give you a fair price other companies can’t beat. Our friendly customer support is free for a consultation or to answer any questions and doubts that may linger. So, hesitate no longer – we are waiting for your call!

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