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Audrey Alvarador

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

I called Gregorio again in December to pick up a very expensive coffee table. I arranged to meet the cargo van at the store at noon. Well the driver arrived before I did. He was super polite and courteous. You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work. FYI I am shopping for a new bed frame so ... expect to hear from me shortly.

Lisa Jenkins

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Alston and his team did a great job and I am so pleased with their professionalism and efficiency. I moved from Tustin to Santa Ana (up 4 flights up stairs). The moving crew was extremely friendly and fast and took great care of my items. I value the work they did tremendously and will recommend them to friends as well as use your services again. The movers were an all star team. Thanks again for helping my move go so smooth!

Jeanne Scott

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Holman was the best! He was professional, fast, on-time and efficient. His vehicle was spacious and clean, and not a single item was damaged or marked. I had fun driving with him, his prices were the cheapest I've seen, and he even gave me a space heater he had laying around in his spacious vehicle. I'll use him again and recommend him to my friends.

Verdie Ochsner

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Super friendly moving crew. Super Simple pricing. Attentive service. Check in and reminder calls. Really a positive experience. I didn't feel like they were trying to gouge me or charge me for every single little extra. Nice stuff.

Muriel Wilkerson

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

Holman was the best! He was professional, fast, on-time and efficient. His vehicle was spacious and clean, and not a single item was damaged or marked. I had fun driving with him, his prices were the cheapest I've seen, and he even gave me a space heater he had laying around in his spacious vehicle. I'll use him again and recommend him to my friends.

Sandra Lopez

Orange County, CA Orange County, CA.

OC Moving Services Inc were great. Reasonably priced and did exactly what they said they'd do. Antonio and Clark were perfect. They arrived at 7 am and had us unpacked by 11 am. They were polite, thorough and very careful. Highly recommend. Ask for Pedro. He was good to deal with.

Laguna Niguel Movers will assist you with your relocation to Laguna Niguel, one of the most popular cities in Orange County, California. Since this isn’t a large city, finding a Laguna Niguel moving company will not be easy.

OC Moving service is one of the most affordable movers in Laguna Niguel and we can help you with every aspect of your move – packing, labor, loading and transportation! Let’s see more details and explore different ways in which our Laguna Niguel movers can help you.

Booking Your Relocation with Laguna Niguel Movers takes a few minutes

Once you decide to schedule your relocation, we will need to get a few extra details regarding your move. You will also pick a date and time for your relocation and our Movers in Laguna Niguel will show up. Speaking of the booking process, one of our representatives will guide you through it. When you pay a deposit that is counted towards the overall price of the move, we will send you a confirmation with all the moving details in an email.

Laguna Niguel Movers Will Come Prepared for Your Move

On the moving day, our Laguna Niguel Movers will show up at your door with all the moving equipment and tools that we need for the relocation. We will start working immediately. Firstly, we will pack your belongings, label the boxes and seal them. Secondly, we will dismantle furniture and wrap it to keep everything safe. Lastly, we will load everything in the truck and transport it to your new home. Once we arrive there, our Laguna Niguel Movers will unload, unpack and reassemble everything. As you can see, you will not have to worry about anything and our trained movers will take care of the entire moving process.

Our Moving Company Laguna Niguel offers Flexible Scheduling

One of the reasons why you should select our Laguna Niguel Moving Company is flexible scheduling. With this option, you can choose your moving day whenever you find it suitable and it is up to our movers to come to the pickup location. You will receive a calendar with all the free dates that you can choose from and there, you will pick the date and time. Laguna Niguel Movers are working on the weekends as well, so any day of the week works for us.

Laguna Niguel Movers Provide a Guaranteed Window of Arrival

With the guaranteed window of arrival, you will know exactly when you can expect our Laguna Niguel Movers. Whether you are moving in the morning, or later in the afternoon, we will show up in that window, which means that you will not have to wait for us and you can do other things and prepare for the move.

Cost of Living in Laguna Niguel, CA

Laguna Niguel is a great place if you are looking to but your first home. In fact, most of the people here are homeowners and only 31% rent. The prices of homes aren’t sky-high compared to some other cities and suburbs in the area. The median home value is $863,600 whereas the median rent is $2,331.

Laguna Niguel Movers Offer a Free Estimate to Help You with Budgeting

The first step in your moving process is to get a free quote and our Laguna Niguel Movers have done everything to make this process as easy as possible.

You can ask for your quote online or over the phone. Either way, we will send you a quote that is befitting your moving situation. Here are all the aspects our movers in Laguna Niguel take into consideration when we create quotes:

  • Move size (number of bedrooms & approximate SQFT)
  • Office moves: a complete list of items
  • Zip Codes of the Pickup and Delivery locations
  • Stairs situation
  • Heavy / Special Items
  • Time Restrictions

Getting a quote should help you estimate your budget. The quotes our Laguna Niguel Movers offer are non-binding and they cost nothing at all!

You can then decide whether you will book your move with us or look for another moving company in Laguna Niguel.

Movers Laguna Niguel Has All-Inclusive Price

With the all-inclusive price, our Laguna Niguel Movers will not charge you any extra dime. Once we agree on an hourly rate, there will be no further changes and no extra fees.

Our price covers the following:

  • Tools and equipment (moving dollies, wardrobe boxes, etc.)
  • Wrapping and padding materials (shrink wrap and moving blankets)
  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • Crew of movers
  • Trucks according to their move size
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • All-taxes

If you require something that isn’t included in the price, you will be charged accordingly, but you will know how much that will be well in advance. Our Laguna Niguel Movers are transparent about pricing and we want people to know what to expect from the start.

Laguna Niguel is a suburb of Irvine, one of the most popular cities in Orange County, California. The population of Laguna Niguel slightly exceeds 65,000 and if you are in between two minds whether to move here or not, there’s so much Laguna Niguel can offer to its residents.

Even though it is slightly further away from downtown LA, Laguna Niguel gives you the real suburban feel and it attracts more conservative types, even though it is overall a liberal place. The suburb has quality public schools and it is a great place for families.

Laguna Niguel Movers Can Transport in and out of Storage

If you need to store some of your possessions, moving it to a storage location in the city can be tricky, but our Laguna Niguel Movers can help you relocate. Find a storage and call our professional movers to help you relocate some of your belongings.

We can move from several pickup destinations or deliver to multiple locations. So, for example, a part of your belongings is going to your new home, but a part of it you plan to store. You can complete the entire move and relocate your possessions to your storage with our Laguna Niguel Movers.

Mover Your Home with Laguna Niguel Movers

Our Laguna Niguel Movers have completed our fair share of residential moves. By far the most popular, residential moves are much more difficult than they seem.

People often overestimate the size of the move and the time it takes to relocate. Even if you are from the area, moving to Laguna Niguel is much easier with our Laguna Niguel Movers – a professional moving company with more than 20 years of experience.

Laguna Niguel Moving Company will move your furniture efficiently

Moving your furniture can be tricky. Furniture is heavy and clunky, which makes it very hard to transport safely. However, we will bring all the necessary equipment that we need to relocate your furniture.

Did you know that our Laguna Niguel Movers won’t charge for the services of assembly and disassembly? We want to make sure your furniture arrives safely to your new home and that is our primary goal.

Laguna Niguel Movers Provide Different Packing Options

Our Laguna Niguel Movers offer three types of packing and moving options:

  • Standard Service: With the standard moving service, you will have to do all the packing, while we will show up with our track and move everything to your new home.
  • Partial Packing: Partial packing is something our clients love to select and split the packing duties in two. Our Laguna Niguel Movers will pack your kitchen and closet while you pack everything else. Of course, we will arrive with a truck and relocate you to a new home.
  • Full Packing: With this service, you will put trust into our hands and we will deliver. Our professional movers will pack and move you, providing you with peace of mind. If you want to be efficient and make sure your items are safe, choose a full service. The best thing out of all is that our Laguna Niguel Movers won’t charge you extra! We will just need additional members of our team to help with the packing, so you can expect a bigger crew!

Is Laguna Niguel a Good Place to Live?

Laguna Niguel is a beautiful place to live in. It is a smaller, but densely populated city, with a safe environment for families and kids and slightly lower prices compared to some other Orange County cities. Once you move with our Laguna Niguel Movers, you will be able to explore this hilly city and hopefully, you will grow fond of it.

Will Laguna Niguel Movers Help Me Settle?

Depending on which moving services you select. For example, our Laguna Niguel Movers will help you pack and move, but they will not clear your new apartment before they get all the stuff inside. What we do is bring all the boxes and unpack you, but we also reassemble your furniture. So, in a way, we will help you settle in your new home, but you will have to do some prep work!

How to Find Laguna Niguel Movers?

Finding a moving company in Laguna Niguel can be difficult since there isn’t a large number of movers that provide top-quality services here. However, our Laguna Niguel Movers know every street of this city as we have moved people here for over 20 years. When you start looking for professional movers, check their history, licenses, prices, services and testimonials, ask for a free quote and only then book your move with the company you like.

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