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The Only Moving To-Do List You Need for Your Upcoming Local Move

You thought that the hard part is over after you’ve finished the apartment hunting and signed on the dotted line? Well, think again as you’re in for some more stressful and hectic times – the relocation process. You’ll need a moving to-do list to ensure you stay in control and on top of things.

Let’s face it – you’ll have lots of things to do, and you likely won’t have all the time in the world or won’t be able to have some time off work. But, also, it’s not the end of the world either, and people do this all the time, trust us, we would know. And who better to help you compose a list of things to do when relocating into a new house than professional movers in Orange County, CA. We’ve seen it all, and we bring you the moving list of things to do (and not do) and when, so read on.

How Do I Start Preparing to Move? Make a Checklist

Have you found yourself a new home in some of the safest cities in Orange County? Congratulations! But, the work doesn’t stop there as you have a lot more on your plate which is the relocation process. There are some relocation hacks you can turn to, but they can only do so much. If you want to move efficiently, you have got to start preparing early on and have organizational and time management skills down to a T.

You’ll have lots of things to do and pack, so you should create a moving packing list to stay organized in the weeks leading to the big day and avoid forgetting about something. Is there a checklist for moving? Yes, there is, and making it is the first thing you should do when you learn that you are about to move and sign the lease on that dreamy house. And below, we tell you just how to do it, so feel free to scroll.

moving checklist and pen
Checklists have helped people stay organized during the move from day 1

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

A month or 4 weeks before the move day is the right time to begin with the preparations and set the whole process in motion. You are going to want to make sure that you go through this without burning through your savings and maybe get some free boxes. The sooner you start, the cheaper and easier this process will be.

So, set a budget and create a relocation expenses checklist 4 weeks before the move. Figure out what services you will require from Orange County movers and how much money you can spend on this endeavor. Then make sure you stay on budget. And doing things in a timely manner will contribute to this, so what better motivation can one get?

Hire a Moving Company 4 Weeks Before the Move

About 4 weeks before the move is the prime time to start looking for which company to hire. When you set your budget, you’ll know if you can afford to use the packing services of a company, or are you going to have to figure out how to pack books and how to pack dishes all by yourself.

To avoid common relocation scams and to get the best deal, we recommend you to get in-house evaluations from various companies and professional movers in Orange County, CA. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations if they have used residential relocation services from some of the local companies recently. If not, you can always go online and check the reviews of several companies to see what the people have to say about them and the quality of service before you decide.

Do I Need Moving Insurance?

We highly recommend you put getting insurance at the top of your checklist, right there with hiring affordable movers in Orange County, CA. Why is insurance important? Insurance is essential as it is some sort of guarantee that if something happens to one or more of your items, you will get reimbursed for it.

For example, if you did a poor job while packing plates for relocation, and some of them get broken, you will receive financial reimbursement. Or if any other unpredictable accident happens with any of your items, you get the picture – something gets destroyed, you get paid. So, is moving insurance worth it? Definitely – go for it. Most companies offer insurance, and you can also get third-party insurance if you want some extra peace of mind.

Gather Boxes and Packing Supplies

If you’re hoping to get your hands on some free boxes, you better put collecting the supplies early on your checklist. You can go around grocery, liquor and office stores, restaurants, and other places of the kind. They usually have tons of boxes they don’t know what to do with coming in and out every day. Most of them will be more than happy to give you some of them for free. You can also ask at your company or ask your friends if they have any.

Know a neighbor that just moved in? Great, ask them for the boxes, they will gladly hand them over. Getting the supplies weeks before the move is also great if you have to buy certain boxes – you can order them cheaply from online sites such as Amazon and have them delivered to your home.

Ask for a Day off…or Two

You will have a lot on your plate during this period, especially if you have a family. That’s why it’s a good idea to check with your employer and see if you can get any days off due to the relocation. If you are relocating for work, you’ll have more chances of getting some days off. If not, ask if you can get a day off for the move day itself. If all of this fails, schedule your move for Friday. That will make it easier for you, as you will have the weekend off, and you’ll be able to settle in your new home in some of the best places to live in Orange County, CA. If you contact the relocator early, you will have more slots available to choose from, which is a great thing if you cannot get a day off.

a man looking for a moving boxes
Ask your employer for a day off

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving?

After you’ve set the foundation of your relocation process, 3 to 2 weeks prior to your move, it should be full steam on. That means that there’s still some paperwork to be settled, and you should start packing. By now, you must be feeling a lot of relocating stress, but don’t let that get to you. You have started timely, and you will manage to finish everything just in time for the move. This is also when you should decide whether or not to throw a going-away party, and if you decide for it, pick a perfect venue.

Handle the Paperwork for Your New Home

At this stage of the process, you should begingathering important documents for your relocation and handling the ones related to your house. That means that you should change your address, set up the utilities, and update your voter registration. Also, make sure that you update any ongoing subscriptions and refrain from ordering online in the days leading up to the move. Then, gather all the documents like your passport, everyone’s ID, and medical records and put them in a secure place to not forget them. Documents are among the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so put them on your list and don’t forget about them.

Declutter and Let Go of Items

There never was a better time to declutter than now. Why bring what you don’t need and why waste the space and money? So, before you start boxing items up, get them out from where they are and figure out what you won’t be needing. Organize all the items in 3 groups:

Keepers are the items you decide to keep, which will be most of your belongings. Then, for those who decide you don’t want to keep – separate them into those in good and poor condition. Throw away the latter, and as for the former – you can either choose a donation center in Orange County to donate it or sell them. At this point, you still have time to organize a garage sale or put some items online to be sold.

Start Packing Your Items

After you’ve decluttered and got rid of the things you won’t be using – start boxing the keepers up. Create a packing list, and make sure nothing gets overlooked. Set a moving inventory list and label each box accordingly – the unpacking will be easier. When you pack, begin with the things that are already in storage.

Box those up and continue with the things you don’t use so often until everything is packed. Leave some essentials for last and pack them separately as you will want to have them handy in the days leading up to the move, during, and a couple of days after as you will still be unpacked. The things that should go in your essentials box include:

Pack the kitchen last, as you will want to cook during this period and you will want that coffee in the morning of the move. And, your local Orange County movers will, too, so offer them a cup.

A woman holding a checklist and preparing to move with empty boxes
Get the right supplies, and you’re ready to roll (or fold)

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Pet

Much like relocating is stressful for you, it is stressful for your pet, too. Pets are creatures of routine, and they don’t react well to change. So, if you are relocating with pets, prepare your furry friend for the change. It will be riding in the car with you, and most pets associate car rides with something unpleasant like a ride to the vet. So, take it to nice rides to the park to play a couple of times, so it handles the transit better. Speaking of vets – make sure you get your pet’s record and ask a recommendation for another vet in your new neighborhood. And once you’ve moved, try to stick to the same routines and schedule you had before.

Ask Your Friends to Help a Week Before

You should tell your friends that you are relocating just, so they know. You may not have the time or will to meet them during this period, or you may be a little stressed out when you do, so they should know what it’s all about. They might offer you a hand – take it! If they don’t, kindly ask them to give you a hand. You can ask them to take care of the kids or pets or even help pack you up. At the very least,they can be of great emotional support, which will be pretty invaluable.

friends with moving boxes
Your friends helping you out will be easier and more fun

On the Big Day

Get up early – this is not the day to snooze. Clear out the space so your movers in Orange County, California, can operate. Protect your walls and floors and ensure a parking space for the truck. When the crew arrives, offer them a coffee if it’s morning. They will really appreciate it. Mark the fragile boxes accordingly and notify the crew – you don’t want your books to end up on your precious china, do you? If you are satisfied with the way, your crew handled things – tip them. Workers work very hard, and tips are a great way to show appreciation for a job well done.

people in a new apartment after relocation
Unpack and enjoy your new place!

The Last Point on Your Moving To-Do List – Unpack and Enjoy Your New Home

When the last box is brought to your house, begin unpacking. This is the last point of your to-do list for moving. On that very day, go grocery shopping and unpack the bathroom and kitchen first. Also, prepare the beds so you can sleep that night. After that, unpack the things you use most, finishing up with the least used ones and those that go to storage. Give yourself a week or two to unpack and divide this into more tasks. Then decorate the home, make it your own, and enjoy it with your family! And if you need us, you can contact us anytime.

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