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The Ultimate List of Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are two types of people when it comes to relocating – those who meticulously plan everything out way ahead of the move day and those who spend the last couple of nights googling moving hacks. Guess we all know which one you fall under, but hey – don’t worry, you ended up at the right place.

We are movers in Orange County, and we understand just how hectic this period can get, and not only that – we know how to make it easier. We offer some relief to you in the form of proven and simple tricks and tips you can rely on to get yourself out of relocating trouble, so keep on reading.

Some Moving Hacks to Start With

We imagine there’s not much time left before your Orange County movers arrive to take your stuff to, hopefully, some of the safest cities in OC and the best places to live in Orange County, CA. So, let’s get it started. Did you know that 1 in 4 people don’t get their security deposit back? Yap, not terrible, but not that great, either, so let’s make sure you get yours back and settle some house-related issues first.

Take Pictures of the House

California renters’ rights tend to favor the landlord, so if you are renting, you should do everything you can to ensure you get that deposit back. This means that you should take pictures of the new house before you move in and when you are about to leave. Hopefully, you already did the former when you first moved into the home you’re in now; if not – take the L and the lesson learned and hope for the best.

Also, take pictures of the home as you are about to leave it and definitely don’t make the same mistake with your new home – snap some photos before your movers in Orange County, CA bring in the first box. And take photos of everything you can – the walls, floors, windows, and plumbing – cover yourself.

Know When and How to Set up Your Utilities

California may not be famous for cold weather, so you may not have to worry about heating, but you wouldn’t want to be left without water or electricity on your first day in the new home. Not to mention the internet, especially with these lockdowns going up and down. So, check when and how to set up the utilities at your new place, and if you haven’t done it yet, do it. Also, don’t forget to change your billing address, mail, and any ongoing subscriptions you may have. Do this early on so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Mailbox on the wooden fence
Notify everyone who needs notifying of your change of address.

It’s Not Too Late to Make a to-Do List

No matter how far along in the process this article finds you, you have things to do, right? So, why not make a to-do list and put everything that needs to be done in it? Even if you haven’t done it so far, it’s still not too late to jot down everything you should do so you don’t forget it. Check what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are and put them in the packing section.

See what items your movers won’t move, and ensure they’re not packed. Put everything that you should do, no matter how menial it may seem to you now – you would be surprised how many small and unimportant things slip our minds in this messy process. Making a to-do list is not only practical, but it’s also a good relocation stress reliever as it makes you feel more in control of things.

Set a Budget While You’re at It

Do you know what else a huge stressor is in this process? Money. Yap, and nothing goes more out of control than your expenses unless you set a budget and a relocation expenses checklist from the start. If not from the start, this time is as good as any, so try to get it all under control. Figure out how much money you can afford to spend on relocating, rent, additional expenses that may arise, and put them on a piece of paper. See how much you can spend on movers and find the best movers in Orange County, but also ensure you’ve hired affordable movers in Orange County, CA, and those that won’t burn through your savings.

piggybank on the box
Set a budget and have your expenses under control

How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry? Best Packing Hacks for Moving

Getting packed may as well be the worst part of this – definitely the one that takes the most time and work. There must be a way out of all of this, right? Well, there’s not, but there are ways to make it easier. Also, this process costs money too – when all those supplies add up, they can cost from $500 upwards. So, saving a buck is also the goal here, so let’s take a look at the tips we’ve prepared for you.

Save Money on Moving Boxes

Do you know that a good, sturdy box can cost up to $100? That’s a lot of money for one box in these times when you’ll require who knows how many of them. So, there must be something you can do to go about this, right? There is – the easy solution to get free boxes is to go around a couple of stores and ask them if they can spare some. This usually works – each store you visit will probably at least have one box they can give you for free, so at the end of the day and your tour, you may just as well have all the free boxes you need. Give it a shot and save a buck.

Use Suitcases for Books and Heavy Things

In a bid to figure out how to move efficiently, you will frequently wonder – how can I move cheaply? And there is another easy solution to save a buck on packing – you can use suitcases for books and other heavy items. When figuring out how to pack books or how to pack fragile items, you’ll notice you should use sturdy boxes called dish racks. These are ideal due to their durability and thickness, but you can take suitcases instead of them, as well. They are sturdy enough for books and other heavy items. That way, you won’t have to pack the suitcases, either, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

What Else Can Be Used Instead of a Box?

There are some other things you can do to get your clothes and items packed. Take advantage of the stuff you already have in your house – don’t let them go empty in that truck. For example, most Orange County, CA movers will ask you to remove the drawers from your dressers before they put them in the truck. But that doesn’t mean they have to go empty, leave the clothes inside and fill the empty ones with more stuff, seal it with a plastic wrapper, and secure it with tape. Easy, isn’t it? Take advantage of that laundry basket of yours – either keep the laundry in it if you still have some, or fill it with clean clothes, sneakers, or some other stuff. The same goes for garbage bags – but be careful, they can’t carry a lot of weight, so fill them up with light stuff.

Save Money on Other Packing Supplies, Too

There are other supplies you can save a buck on, like packing paper and bubble wrap. When dealing with questions of how to pack dishes and how to pack plates, you’ll find you should have a lot of cushioning. Instead of paper and bubble wrap, turn to free and green options like the stuff you already have. You can use:

Again, you won’t have to pack these things, too – you’ll save a buck, and it’s good for the environment. We have ourselves a triple-win situation right here.

a young couple moving boxes to a new home
Who needs paper and bubble wrap when you can wrap your stuff in towels?

Moving Tips and Hacks You Can Use for Packing Electronics

Getting your electronics all packed up and then set up again can be a drag. But, it doesn’t have to, and if you follow our tips, it will be easy peasy. The key tip here is to take photos of the cords behind your television, computer, or pretty much anything else. That’s how you’ll easily see what goes where when it’s time to set it up again in your new apartment or house. Also, take away anything that can be taken away and provide extra cushioning. You can use linen or even old blankets instead of those store-bought ones.

Electronics Moving Tips 101 – Use Toilet Paper Rolls for Cables

Don’t place the cables and cords in the same box as your TV – they can end up scratching it. But keep them close to the device they belong to, along with any remotes. Usually, cables and cords are packed in special plastic boxes or bags. These are not expensive, but if you don’t want to buy them, you don’t have to. Wrap the cables around toilet paper rolls, so they don’t get all tangled up, mark what device they belong to, and put them near that device.

A woman checks cables before moving
Wrap your cords and cables neatly around toilet paper rolls

How Can I Make Moving Easier? Meet the Military Roll-up Method

We may have already mentioned that one of the ways and key hacks to make moving easier is to ease up the packaging process. Saving space is also a priority, so we would like to introduce the military roll-up method. This is a method of folding clothes so they don’t get creased, and you can fit more of them in a box or wherever you decide to place them. Lay the shirt out, fold the bottom of the shirt inside out, and fold the sleeves in. Then fold the shirt along the middle, and roll from the top until the bottom, where you will be left with a small pouch that you will fold over to secure it. Here’s a video for easy understanding.

Label All the Boxes

It’s time you get a bit meticulous, too. Label each box that leaves your apartment and goes into the truck – it will prove to be a life-saver when you are unpacking or if you end up needing something in the middle of this process. You can even color-code each one according to the room it goes to or create an inventory list. And, definitely mark the fragile ones as you and your local movers in Orange County, CA, will want to pay extra attention to those.

A room full of moving boxes after relocation
Label away and save a day or more of unpacking

Get a Sitter (for Your Kids and the Family Dog)

Yeah, you should definitely do this, even if it’s just a local move. Get a sitter for your kids on the move day or the days before that if you feel like having some peace so you can get properly packed. If you can’t get a sitter to watch over the kids, ask some of your family or friends to take them in. If you are relocating with pets – the same goes for the family dog or cat. Leave them with a friend for the day. Thank your friend by inviting them to your going away party – they will appreciate the gesture.

kids playing after relocation
Get someone to watch over the kids

Hire the Right Professional Movers in Orange County

And last but definitely not least – get away from relocation scams, and get yourself the right local Orange County movers. You don’t want to have to figure out how to move a piano all by yourself, so opt for our household moves and let our skilled worker do that for you. We also provide commercial relocation services if you ever require your office to be moved. And if you opt for our packing services, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, and all your stuff will arrive at your new address intact. Contact us for more information on our services, or if you would like to get your free quote – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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