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5 Fun Moving Away Party Ideas

Now that you’ve finally found the new home of your dreams, organizing a kickass moving away party is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. Besides setting the date and making a guest list, you’ll also have to choose the party’s overall theme, setting the tone for the entire thing. If you don’t know what to do for the event, the following five ideas will undoubtedly have something that suits you.

Although organizing a moving-out party might be exciting, you’ll still have to plan a relocation in the meantime. If you can’t juggle both of these tasks at once, focus on planning an exciting event and leave the relocation stuff to our Orange County, CA movers.

How Do You Throw a Moving Away Party?

Can you throw your own going away party? A better question would be, is there any reason not to DIY? Whether you’re relocating to one of the best cities or just across the street, the occasion is an excellent way to commemorate the change with your friends. If you’re not sure how to throw a moving away party, begin the preparations by:

As you can see, organizing the celebration will take some of your time, so feel free to look up some movers in Orange County, California, to assist you with all the rest of your preparations.

Choose the Overall Mood of the Celebration and Brainstorm Ideas for the Moving Away Party Decorations

The next thing on your list should be deciding the overall mood and theme of the celebration. Some prefer to have a more intimate soiree where they can spend more time with each of the guests, while others like to say goodbye by throwing unforgettable house parties. Decorations will also set the atmosphere for the entire event, so try to get something that will emphasize the festive mood and the theme you want. If you’re not sure what you want to do, take a look at some of the suggestions in this blog. Also, check out this video on how you can easily create some neat decorations at home for almost no money at all.

Send Out Invitations and Get Enough Refreshments

Now that you’ve decided what kind of celebration you want to have, the next step is to send out the moving away party invitations. To ensure everyone from the guest list makes it to the event, send the invites about two to three weeks in advance. This should give them enough time to clear their schedule, buy gifts, or even find what to wear in case it’s a themed celebration. Considering you’ll be getting some refreshments for the occasion, the invitations should require everyone to state whether they’ll be coming or not.

Add “Please Respond” at the end of the invitation to remind them about the event, or mark the invites with “Regrets Only,” meaning that only those unable to come should inform you. Knowing the exact number of guests will allow you to calculate how much food and drinks to get, ensuring you don’t run out of refreshments before the last guest departs. The invitations can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. However, while sending out a group email might be an efficient way to notify all the guests, creating a custom invitation for each guest would be almost like a farewell gift. If you’re not sure how to DIY, take a look at some interesting examples in the video below.

#1 What Do You Call a Going Away Party With Specific Decorations? A Themed Partey!

There are plenty of excellent party ideas for someone moving away, but none are as creative as a themed celebration. Whether you buy the decorations or make all of them yourself, they will set a particular mood for the entire event. The theme can be casual, like having everything in one color or conveying a specific franchise like Harry Potter, Marvel, or Star Wars. Costume parties are also an exciting way to celebrate the relocation, allowing you to dress up as your favorite character outside Halloween. Whatever you choose as the theme, note it in the invitations so the guests have enough time to prepare their outfits.

With the rise of fan culture, costume parties have become very popular

#2 What Do You Do at a Farewell Party? Enjoy Drinks and Play Games Throughout the Night

A casual soiree with your closest friends might be simple, but it’s often the best way to celebrate almost any occasion, including a relocation. You’ll have loads of fun playing all sorts of games, including some classics such as Charades, Pictionary, and Never Have I Ever. Adding alcohol to the equation will create plenty of unforgettable moments you’ll cherish and laugh about for years to come. Organizing a photoshoot will help immortalize the event, so take as many silly photos as you can. Besides all the fun and games, a soiree allows you to say a proper goodbye to every single guest.

Unless You Get Enough Refreshments to Last Through the Night, It’s Best to Order Some Food Online

Considering food is one of the more commonly forgotten things, remember to get enough refreshments to last the entire night, or you’ll likely have to go grocery shopping in the middle of an exciting game. Booking a professional catering service is also a solid option. Alternatively, you can always order some food online.

Excellent food and a few drinks are the only things you need to have a great soiree

#3 An Outdoor Celebration Is an Excellent Way to Wind Down Before the Move

Is there a better way to forget about all the relocation stress you’ve been experiencing than to have an excellent outdoor gathering with your closest friends? Thankfully the OC has plenty of incredible beaches where you can play all kinds of sports, enjoy some barbeque, or spend a whole day drinking, dancing, and basking in the sun. An outdoor celebration is particularly great if you’re relocating with pets, as they can also join in on the fun.

Spending a day at the beach can be a great way to see all your friend before leaving

#4 Packing Parties Represent a Perfect Mix of Friendly Celebration and Work

Having to pack dishes or any other fragile items is not really exciting, is it? Thankfully, packing becomes a lot more interesting when done with friends. What makes this relocation hack one of the better moving away party ideas is the fact that you’ll be combining a friendly celebration with work, allowing you to finish most of the tasks on your to-do list reasonably quickly. Better yet, it could potentially reduce your overall relocation expenses, as you won’t have to involve local movers in Orange County, CA, from the start.

However, remember that your guests are not professional movers in Orange County, CA, so don’t expect them to do any other sort of hard labor, like relocating a piano. Even if you only end up packing plates and books, it’s important to remember that you’re having a celebration. Leaving some music in the background and providing refreshments will make everything like you’re having a typical soiree.

Many Items You Don’t Want to Pack Make for Excellent Gifts

Considering the guests are already helping you with packing, they might as well participate in decluttering. Besides allowing you to move efficiently, this would be a great way to say farewell to a friend, as many items you don’t need make for excellent gifts. You can gift anything from clothes to an extra copy of a book, which is why you should always declutter first before packing books or anything else.

Decluttering is also great for figuring out what to do with some items movers won’t move, as any guest would be more than happy to help. For example, leaving your plants to a friend is always a good option, as most of them are very difficult to transport.

Who knew that packing with friends could be this fun

#5 If You Run Out Of Ideas, Going Out Is Always a Solid Option

Although it might not be as creative as some of the other entries on this list, going out is also a solid idea, especially if you have a very tight schedule. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of options, ranging from a casual get-together over a cup of coffee to a fun night drinking and singing at the local karaoke bar. Taking a large group out is not cheap, though, so unless you already hired affordable movers in Orange County, CA, be sure that your budget can handle it.

If Going Out Is Not for You, You Can Always Have a Virtual Gathering

If you can’t organize a proper celebration, a virtual gathering is a simple but effective way to say farewell to your friends. It doesn’t cost anything to prepare and leaves you with a lot more time to finish any remaining relocation preparations. You also won’t have to deal with cleaning the next day, which is particularly useful for anyone relocating in a hurry.

Going out is an excellent option for anyone relocating on a tight schedule

Organize a Kickass Event While Our Local Orange County Movers Handle Your Relocation Preparations

Organizing a kickass event before relocating is the perfect way to close the current chapter of your life. There’s no doubt that you’ll find at least one of these five ideas interesting, so better start preparing for the event. Considering you’ll also have a relocation to think about, Orange County Moving Services is here to help. As one of the best movers in Orange County, CA, we will provide you with everything you might need when relocating, whether that’s some packing assistance or a standard residential relocation. We also offer excellent commercial moves, perfect for professionals who want to move their offices. If you need any help with the relocation, feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide you with a great quote you won’t be able to resist.

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