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How to Pack Shoes for Moving – Let’s Prepare and Move Your Collection to a Different OC Town

Learning how to pack shoes for moving can be a tiresome task when you’re in the middle of a relocation. However, with a few professional tips and tricks, it can be done quickly and with little to no effort. Luckily for you, we are happy to share our expert knowledge. So, let us present you with our all-encompassing approach to dealing with footwear – from a declutter to cleaning and finally packaging the items. Let’s get to it! 

Lots of sneakers on the shelf
Did you know that an average American owns 20 footwear pairs? Well, let’s learn how to package them up.

Before You Get To Packing Shoes for Moving, a Declutter Is in Order

If you want to move efficiently, downsizing your inventory is a task that should definitely be on your to-do list. A proper move-out clean is more than just making sure every nook and cranny of your soon-to-be former home is spotless. It also means you have to figure out what to keep with you and get rid of everything that doesn’t fall into that category – whether it’s an old shoe, a broken hat, or a ripped bag. Relocating to one of the best OC cities to live in is a chance for a new start, but first, you have to make room for one.

Don’t Hoard Worn Out Pairs – Pack Only the Best of Your Inventory

Although shopping at the best buy OC locations might be therapeutic at times, it can be a source for a lot of relocation stress once you get to actually creating your packing list. So, a definite thing to do before you move is to clean out your wardrobe of any items you no longer wear. Do not cling to those close to your heart just because of their emotional value – shoes are made for walking, and that’s just what they should do. So, if they make walking difficult, it might be the moment to say goodbye.

Throwing away items that are still usable should be the last option when figuring out what to do with unwanted footwear. And unless you plan on having a garage sale, it’s a good idea to check out the OC recycle guide and see where to donate items like footwear and packed clothes. While you can always donate things you no longer need to a thrift store, you can always try to support a cause you believe in. That being said, we recommend calling up Goodwill, your local Salvation Army, or another non-profit donation place to check what types of footwear they take up for donation.

A guy and a girl tying up their shoelaces
Your footwear has a purpose – to allow for movement and to be pretty, and if none of these are the case, consider getting rid of it.

Once You Know Which Pairs You Are Taking With You, It’s Time to Obtain Packaging Supplies for Each and Every Shoe

The first step of figuring out how to pack shoes for a move is to get all the necessary supplies and equipment that the task requires. Not unlike packaging dishes for relocation, or for that matter, boxing up books for a move, you’ll need adequate supplies to wrap and package each and every item you want to bring with you. Here are the basic materials you’ll want to obtain in one of the top packaging supplies stores in OC:

Consider Scouting Free Packaging Alternatives and Boxes

One of the common reasons why people like to tip Orange County, CA movers is because they save them time and money they would otherwise spend on buying expensive equipment. If you decide to do the work yourself, we can’t help you with the time-saving variable, but there is a way to go about not spending tons of cash on packaging materials. 

A great way to do just that is by going to your favorite local footwear store to see if the employees are willing to give away any empty boxes they are not using. Most shops do allow this, so don’t be shy to ask around. Additionally, if you want to save up on packaging paper, opt for socks to fill up your things and old newspapers to cover them – it works like a charm.

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Should Shoes Be Stored in Their Boxes?

When it comes to footwear storage, there are many ways to go about it – it all depends on what works for you. However, whether you are boxing up to move in a hurry or not, the middle of a move with pets and family is no time to be stressing about issues such as footwear storage. The truth is, there are many ways to store and move your items, and there’s only one we would recommend avoiding – and that is placing your things only in paper bags. We’ve seen this happen too often and have to tell you it can cause serious damage to your stuff.

On the other hand, original packaging is meant to fit a shoe perfectly, and it often comes with some paper to keep your footwear protected. So, unless you personally have a favorite way of dealing with the issue at hand, know that original packaging will work more than fine as a container during relocation – creative storage options can wait until you unpack after your move.

 A girl packing shoes as if she was affordable movers in Orange County, CA
Original packaging is probably the most effective way to deal with your footwear

How to Pack Shoes for Moving? Not Without Cleaning Them First

Now that you know what supplies you require for the task and you have your inventory minimized, it’s time to figure out the actual packing part. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, and you’ve probably already done it thousands of times without realizing it. And trust us, even those fragile items you’ll pack won’t require any special skills, so there’s no need to stress. The process is pretty straightforward once you have proper instructions (not to mention our secret tips) – so let’s get started.

Start By Properly Cleaning Every Pair

Take a sponge, your favorite cleaning chemicals – or even an old body moisturizer for your leather items, and get to scrubbing. Ensure you use products that won’t damage the materials of your footwear. It’s also really important to make sure every item you own is not only clean but also has a few hours to properly dry from the moisturizing and cleaning products. Otherwise, due to temperature and high humidity, the fabric of your items could weaken and cause the glue to detach. So, try to get this part of the job out of the way in a timely manner.

A great relocation hack, if you want to pamper your footwear additionally, is to stuff them with some lavender baggies or even tea bags. It will work charms, and after you move, you’ll feel as if you have not only a new home but a whole new shoe inventory. If you’re interested in cleaning your items like a pro, we recommend checking out the following video for more tips and tricks:

The Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving Is to Follow a Certain Order

When your items are properly cleaned, you can start to wrap them up. Stuff each shoe so that the risk of dents is eliminated. After that, layer some packaging paper on the bottom of the box and place one sneaker, sandal or boot inside. Cover it with more paper and place the remaining part of the pair next to it before, once more, wrapping it up. 

Afterward, if you wish, you can fill the empty parts of the box with some cushioning so that your footwear has nowhere to move. You might want to use newspaper, socks, or even some pro foam peanuts if you have them. And in the end, all you’re left to do is close the box, tape it, and label it properly. And voila – you’re done.

Tackle The Pairs Meant for the Opposite Season First

It is important to have a proper, logical order of dealing with your items. And, whether you want to box up glasses to move or your velvet loafers, the system will more or less be the same. You want to begin with the things you won’t be using regularly. That means that if your move is a summer one, you’ll start with boots and warm sneakers, and in the winter, you’ll begin by boxing up the sandals, flip-flops, and cotton trainers. Additionally, you’ll throw your sportswear for mountain climbing, skiing, and snowboarding in the mix. This will help you a lot once you get to your new home and, of course, the unpacking process.

Your Shoes for Special Occasions Deserve Special Attention

Your favorite high heels and leather shoes you wear to fancy dinners will require special attention. When dealing with your more expensive pairs, treat them as fancy china or something easily breakable. The chances that a heel will break in transportation are not high. However, scratches and small damage can easily happen. 

So, we recommend buying little cotton sacks you can use to package a shoe and using these as an additional protection piece before following the aforementioned packing instructions. That way, you can sleep soundly, knowing your favorite Louboutins will live to see another unforgettable outing.

Two women sitting in a wardrobe, waiting for professional movers in Orange County, CA, to help them out
Give your high heels special attention – they deserve it

There’s No Reason to Learn the Best Way to Pack Shoes for a Move, When You Can Use the Help of the Best Movers in Orange County, CA

A move is already an all-consuming affair that can eat up multiple weeks and a lot of your energy. Learning new skills in such a moment is often redundant, not to mention strenuous. So, why even bother with wrapping and boxing up every pair of footwear you own when our packers and movers can help you turn your residential relocation into a secondary problem in your life? Our professional movers in Orange County, CA, can provide you with any assistance you require, whether it’s a labor-only relocation service or assistance with commercial relocation that you need. All you have to do is ask.

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