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How to Pack Furniture for Moving to Another Orange County Town

If you’re planning to change a town within Orange County and don’t know how to pack furniture, you might find yourself in serious trouble. Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to save your relocation and handle this like a pro. Luckily, you ran into our article that’s full of convenient tips that can help you during this process.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Furniture for Moving?

How do you pack furniture? Well, this is a complex process, we won’t lie, and you need to consider many aspects of it. It all starts even before you actually start protecting your furniture and loading it into a relocation truck. For starters, you need to decide what to relocate and get the proper packing supplies and equipment. 

Also, if you believe that you can’t go through this process on your own, you can also consider hiring professional movers in Orange County for assistance – they can definitely show you the best methods for every piece of furniture you want to relocate. 

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Begin By Making a Plan and Organizing Your Move

One of the best methods for overcoming relocation stress is a good organization, so start planning your move like a pro with a good to-do list. Here you should include different activities you need to have during the process and then follow them step by step in order to have an efficient move.

Apart from testing many relocation hacks and getting proper supplies for your relocation, you should also plan a move-out cleaning which is one of the essential parts of a successful move. Once you settle everything and make a schedule of activities, you can process the other steps and handle your belongings.

Ask Your Friends and Family Members for Assistance

Moving in together with your significant other or some family members can be a huge advantage when it comes to packing furniture and relocating it to the desired location. Their assistance might be essential, especially for some large and heavy items. Although strength is important here, as well as a pair of extra hands, unfortunately, in most cases, that’s not enough. You need to make sure both you and your assistant know the proper lifting techniques and use the right equipment.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

It’s never easy to decide what to keep when relocating. Like most people, you probably keep some of the stuff you don’t actually need or use – ever. These items can be in your storage, but even in your living room – for example, an uncomfortable old armchair. Instead of wasting time and money on relocating these objects, you can get rid of them

Organizing a garage sale and earning extra money can be one of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Another amazing option is donating them to the ones in need. For example, The Salvation Army in Anaheim accepts gently used pieces, so explore which other options there are in your town. You can do the same with some of the items movers won’t move, such as perishable food. 

Decluttering plan
How to prepare furniture for moving? Firstly, get rid of unwanted items

Get the Proper Packing Supplies 

Once everything from your packing list is organized, it’s time to find the proper supplies to protect them. You can buy most of these materials at local stores. You can even use some household inventory. For example, blankets are very convenient for protecting fragile items. Some other things you probably need to buy and put on your expenses checklist are:

Be Aware That You Might Need Some Specialized Equipment

Apart from the previously mentioned inventory, you might need some specialized equipment for large and heavy objects. For example, straps and dollies are something that can make the process much easier. Professional movers have those, and buying them just for relocation purposes isn’t a very smart investment. Instead of complicating everything, you can simply hire professional movers in Orange County to relocate a piano or some other bulky objects that you can’t move on your own. 

Moving blankets
How to protect furniture when moving? First, you’ll need to buy proper supplies

Learn the Proper Lifting Techniques

There is always a certain risk when you’re relocating large objects on your own – especially if you don’t know the proper lifting techniques. You need to follow them if you want to avoid injuries and back pain. When lifting an item, you should:

 Professional movers in Orange County carrying a shelf
Professional movers in Orange County know all the proper lifting techniques

Disassemble Objects if Possible

Another important hack that can save you from a lot of trouble is disassembling objects if possible. Remember how “fun” it was to put together all those Ikea pieces? Well, now it is time to do that all over again because it will enable you to maximize the use of space you have in a truck. This is usually an option for:

If you decide to do this, you need to follow proper instructions. In most cases, it would be easy to unscrew the legs by gently twisting the screws until the legs come loose. Once you separate the parts, make sure to protect each piece individually. Keep the screws in a plastic bag, and make sure you know which screws belong to a specific item by labeling these bags. 

Take Pictures While Disassembling 

Want to hear one more amazing hack? Take pictures while disassembling objects. The relocation process is long and complicated, so you don’t want to risk forgetting what goes where. Simply take photos with your phone while doing that, and it will be much easier to remember how to assemble them once you get to your new home and start unpacking

Person with a mobile phone
Take pictures to remember how to assemble objects

Wrap Your Furniture Using Appropriate Blankets and Covers

Wrapping furniture for moving would be much easier if you got the previously mentioned equipment such as plastic wrap and blankets. In order to protect various objects, you’ll need to wrap them in a blanket or plastic cover. After doing that, you should tape the cover with plastic tape to keep it in place. You can add a layer of bubble wrap for fragile parts and set it with tape. For the last layer, you can use pieces of cardboard if you find it necessary to maximize protection. 

How Do You Wrap Wood Furniture for Moving?

For wooden objects, it is essential to avoid covering them with bubble wrap. Although this material is suitable for protecting the most fragile objects, delicate wood has a different structure and can get minor scratches easily. Cover it with a blanket as a first layer and use bubble wrap as a second if needed. 

Packed wooden shelves
Wooden objects have delicate surfaces, so you need to be extremely careful

Remember to Protect Your Walls and Floors

This is one of the things people forget to do when moving, especially if they are relocating in a hurry. We get that most of the best buy locations are very attractive, and you want to get there as soon as possible, but don’t risk losing your deposit money last minute because you were too impatient. If you leave damaged floors, there is a big chance you won’t get the deposit money back, and during the relocation period, you’ll need it more than ever. 

Something might drop, you’ll be pulling heavy objects around, and floors can get damaged in no time. We bet your soon-to-be former landlord won’t be so happy with a damaged floor. To prevent unnecessary complications, simply cover them with carpets, newspapers, cardboard, or other suitable materials. Also, don’t forget to cover door frames with cardboard pieces. They can also get damaged while you’re trying to navigate that large sofa to go through the door. 

Remove All Road Obstacles Around Your Home

Another thing to consider as a potential danger is every road obstacle that might stand in your way. You don’t want a random dog ball to get between your legs while you’re carrying a heavy sofa down the stairs. Remove every road obstacle such as children’s or dog toys if you’re relocating with pets, rugs, and avoid slipping, tripping, or falling. Not only do you risk injuring yourself, but also damaging your inventory. Also, try cleaning the path around your home to remove all branches, rocks, and other stuff that might get in the way. 

Empty cardboard boxes
You should put pieces of cardboard on your floor to avoid scratches

You Need to Know How to Load the Truck as Well

There are some important rules you should follow when loading a truck. For example, one of the basic rules is to evenly distribute the weight of the load. If you place all the heavy pieces on the left side of the truck and light ones on the right side, it might be hard to steer the truck. 

Also, it is recommended to place the heaviest pieces against the walls. This will also make the unpacking process easier because you will be able to access the middle part of the truck and unload it. Another great hack is to put delicate pieces between mattresses and other soft inventory such as sofas or pillows. After placing everything inside, secure large objects with straps to prevent any unwanted movements.

Professional movers in Orange County loading a vehicle
Loading the vehicle requires following some basic recommendations to ensure you’ll be able to unload it in no time

If You Don’t Know How to Pack Furniture for Moving Simply Hire Our Professional Movers in Orange County

How do you professionally pack furniture? You don’t – you just hire professional movers in Orange County to do this for you while you enjoy the benefits of relocating to one of the best cities in OC. No matter how many reasons to move people have, they sometimes avoid hiring professionals because they are afraid of potential relocation scams. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon a trustworthy company. We value our clients and always try our best to meet their needs and unique requirements. You are going to be so satisfied with your relocation that you’ll wish you moved to one of the best OC places sooner. 

If you want to relocate your household belongings, our residential relocation service is the perfect option, while apartment relocation is a better option for those living in buildings. Commercial relocation is ideal if you want to relocate your business office in a short period of time, while a labor-only relocation service is suitable for those who need an additional workforce for carrying bulky objects. If you can’t pack some of the belongings on your own, our packing assistance is also available. There is also in- and-out-of storage relocation service, a perfect option for those relocating their storage unit inventory. Just contact us for any questions you have about our local relocation services, and our packers and movers will be more than happy to help you. 

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