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How to Pack Books for Moving?

Whether you only read scene fiction or cookbooks are the only thing on your shelf, you must be wondering how to pack books for moving. When it comes to organizing other items, people have their unique ways and techniques, but books are heavy and delicate at the same time, so you need to follow the proper instructions if you want to relocate them without any damage.

In the following article, we’ll guide you through convenient techniques and explain the best way to pack books for moving, so keep reading. If you need assistance to relocate all of your household belongings or any particular items, you can always contact the best movers in Orange County and rely on their excellent services.

A House Becomes a Home When You Fill It With Books

You might be amused with the fact that Amazon sells about 22 million publications per year. This might sound inspiring for all those old souls who still like the feeling of holding paper in their hands and not following the trend of reading online. If you are among those people and have many copies and editions you want to bring with you, congratulations – you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you understand the logic of protecting and organizing these kinds of items and show you some techniques and relocation hacks that you’ll find more than helpful.

Home library
 Every bookworm knows the importance of filling your home with good publications

Decide Which Pieces You Want to Relocate

Once you start making your to-do list, one of the first things you should include there is decluttering. There is absolutely no need to relocate all of your belongings with you, especially when we’re talking about pieces you have several copies of. This will help you move efficiently and avoid potential relocation stress because you’ll be able to have a fresh start at your new home. Before putting everything in a pile, go through your collection and check if there is something you don’t need or find helpful.

You Can Organize Garage Sale or Donate and Gift Every Book That You Don’t Need

There are few options for things you want to get rid of. For example, suppose you simply don’t find them useful anymore. In that case, you can organize a garage sale in your backyard and earn some extra money you can later use for additional relocation services. If you have scientific titles, you can donate them to some educational institutions or libraries. If you have some valuable or sentimentality important pieces, you should give them to your friends and family members at your going away party.

Person checking editions at the shelf
You can gift some pieces to your friends

You’ll Need Appropriate Packing Supplies 

If you want to move your belongings successfully, without a single wrinkled page, you’ll need to gather the proper supplies. Quality supplies are something that will protect your fragile items for relocation.  If you don’t know how to pack plates or any other items, our professional packers and movers in Orange County can offer you the proper assistance with their packing services. Start writing your relocation expenses checklist and add the following supplies to your list:

What Is the Best Size Box for Moving Books?

The most important rule you should follow when packing this type of thing is that you should not put all of the pieces in one large box but spread them out evenly in a couple of smaller boxes. This will help you even out the weight and prevent containers from breaking. According to some reviews, the most recommended measures for boxes for books are 16″ x 12″ x 12″. You can try finding appropriate-sized containers at local stores for free or buy them online.

How Do You Pack Books Without Boxes? Use Suitcases or Backpacks for Packing

In case you are in a hurry or can’t find appropriate supplies for any other reason, there are some alternative techniques you can rely on. One of the coolest hacks when packing books for moving is to put them inside suitcases – they are usually made of thick materials that will protect your items. They have small wheels that will make the relocation of heavy pieces much easier.

Rolling suitcases outside the house
Rolling suitcases are a great alternative

Clean Every Book From Dust and Organize Them According to Type, Size, and Covers

Another important step you shouldn’t forget about is cleaning and organization. These items usually get very dusty, especially if you don’t use them daily, so clean them before you start packing and organizing them by type and size. Once you start organizing different publications, you’ll see that they come in various shapes and sizes, so you need to organize them smartly. Think of this as puzzles. Each piece should fit with another in a way they are packed tightly but not too tight. If you don’t organize them by size appropriately, you’ll have plenty of space inside containers, allowing them to move around containers during the relocation and potentially get damaged.

Dusty pieces at the shelf
Clean and organize your pieces

How Best to Pack Books for Moving?

How to pack books in boxes? Depending on their type and size, you need to follow a few simple rules if you want to prevent potential disaster. You might don’t know this, but paperbacks should be packed differently than the hardcover ones. It is for the best that you follow the techniques mentioned below depending on the publication type and cover material. If you own some valuable editions, you need to be extra careful about them. 

How Do You Pack Pieces With a Hard Cover?

Publications with hardcovers should be placed in a box upright in the position where their spine is pushed against the sides of the box. If you own some valuable editions, you should protect them with an extra layer of paper before placing them inside the container. Hardcovers should be packed tightly, but not too tightly because you want to avoid ripping some pages when pulling them out.

How Do You Pack Paperback Books for Moving?

How to protect paperback books? Luckily, paperbacks are a lot easier to deal with than hardcovers. One of the standard and adequate techniques is stacking book over book. The alternative method is placing them upright like you’re putting them on a shelf. You can also use the third method when you put their spines down to prevent pages from getting torn. This interesting video shows how you can organize your collection.

Don’t Forget to Secure Boxes

We get that you’re excited about starting a new chapter of your life in one of the best cities to live in Orange County, CA, but you shouldn’t miss some important steps if you want your move to end without any inconveniences. The first rule is that containers should be made of thick cardboard and strong on the corners and along the lines. Reusing bad-quality containers is something you should definitely avoid. To add some extra sealing power, ensure you add an extra layer of tape to the bottom. You can also add some extra cushioning to prevent unwanted movements. If you’re relocating with pets and they have some bad chewing habits, keep them away from these containers.

Person taping a box
Secure bottom with an extra layer of tape

Make Sure to Label Everything

Once you get to your new apartment in some of the best places to live in Orange County, CA, you’ll have plenty of things to do, so you don’t want to spend a lot of them reorganizing your entire collection. If you correctly organize your collection before relocation, you’ll need less time for unpacking. Another reason why it is essential to appropriately label these containers is that they are usually heavy, and your helpers should know which boxes contain them – they should be placed at the bottom of the truck. If you need an additional workforce for heavy duties, you can always contact our movers in Orange County for labor-only service

Labeled containers
Don’t forget to label everything

Things You Shouldn’t Do, Especially if You Leave Your Pieces in Storage

After following all the dos, you should be aware of the essential don’ts in this process. There are not that many things you can do wrong, but even the smallest mistake can destroy your favorite novel or a childhood fairytale, so be aware of these things:  

Additional Tips to Follow When Preparing Your Collection for Storage

Tips you should consider following when you’re preparing your special editions for storage are:

Also, don’t forget to keep a few pieces by yourself for the first days at your new place, as well as important documents such as a San Francisco rental application. Unfortunately, documents are some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. If you need help to relocate your storage inventory, Orange County movers can offer you affordable in and out of storage relocation service. Just make sure you contact us in advance to check what items movers won’t move.

Pape-shaped heart
Use acid-free paper for protection to avoid yellowing

If You Don’t Know How to Pack Books for Moving Hire Professionals for Assistance

Our movers in Orange County, CA, can offer you excellent local relocation services, safe terms, and affordable rates. We are a trustworthy company, so there is no need to worry about potential relocation scams. If you plan to relocate your household inventory to your new place, our local movers in Orange County, CA, can offer you residential relocation service, protect all of your belongings and transport it to the desired destination with a specialized truck. 

Commercial relocation service is perfect if you need to relocate your office inventory. Professional movers in Orange County, CA, can also show you how to pack dishes or help you move a piano. Feel free to contact us today to get a free quote and find out the potential price of your move. With facilities as convenient as these, you’ll be reading your favorite book at your new home in no time.

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