How to Pack a TV for Moving Within OC

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If you plan to move around OC soon and don’t know how to pack a TV for moving, your relocation can easily turn into a nightmare. Don’t let this happen, and learn everything you need to know about this process. We can’t say it’s going to be easy, but at least you won’t break or damage your fragile flat screen. Everything is possible with the right tips and equipment, so start taking notes, and let’s pack.

Professional movers in Orange County relocating a television
Find out how to ensure your device stays intact during local relocation

How to Move a TV Like a Pro?

Did you know that a good organization can save you a lot of time, energy, and financial resources? Spare yourself from unnecessary relocation stress and make a good to-do list that will contain all the following steps if you want to find out how to pack a television for moving. You should also consider getting some assistance from a family member, especially if your device is big and heavy. You’ll have to be very careful while packing it to prevent damage and move efficiently. Obtaining good and high-quality packing equipment should be your number one priority in this process. Make a relocation expenses checklist where you will list all expenses. 

You Should Use Quality Packing Materials if You Don’t Have the Original Box

As we already mentioned, good and quality materials are the most important in this process. Without good protection, you won’t be able to move your device safely, and it will probably get damaged in the process. Some of the stuff you should get before relocating to some of the best places in OC are:

  • Foam padding,
  • Blankets and cushioning,
  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Flat-screen cover,
  • Cardboard.

These materials can be more than useful if you know how to use them. In the following part of the article, we’ll describe every step of the process and the best ways of using them to protect your fragile device. Apart from this, you’ll probably need something to cut cardboard and something to measure your device in order to cut these pieces precisely. They have to fit perfectly – otherwise, some parts might be left uncovered and unprotected. 

Use Some Materials You Already Have as Alternative Supplies

You can also use some things you already have at home for protection – sheets and blankets are always a good option. Using free materials is more economical than buying new equipment, but TV panel kits might be the best option on the market if you can afford them. Depending on your budget and other expenses, you can decide what’s best for you. There is no point in rushing, especially when it comes to fragile electronics you have to relocate. Be honest with yourself, can you really afford to buy a new device in case you break something, or is hiring professional movers in Orange County, CA still a more convenient solution?

Ensure Your Television Is Worth Relocating

If you just discovered a long-forgotten old TV in your garage, there is no need to relocate it if it is old or out of use. Instead of wasting time and energy on relocation, you should consider donating it or recycling it. OC Goodwill is one of the best places for recycling electronic waste. Other convenient places you should keep in mind are:

  • California Electronics,
  • TechWaste Recycling,
  • All Green Recycling.

First, Take Pictures of the Back of Your TV Screen

This easy but practical relocation hack will save you a lot of time and nerves as well. Once you get to your new home in some of the best OC neighborhoods, you’ll probably be excited to see everything and explore your new area. Don’t waste your precious time by spending hours trying to plug in all the cables the way they were – just take a quick look at the photo that you took the second before you unplugged everything, and you’ll see exactly how to set everything up.

Unplug All the Cords and Accessories – Ensure You Pack Them as Well

One of the first steps you have to take during the preparation period is to unplug all the cords from your device carefully. Don’t make any harsh movements because this can also do some damage to your device. After unplugging everything from the device, don’t just throw them all in the same bag. Wrap the cords carefully, label them, and put them inside of a box or a bag. 

Person holding a mobile phone
Take a quick photo to remember how to arrange all the cords

Get a TV Panel Kit – It Is the Easiest Way to Do This

Protecting your device by placing it in a TV panel kit shouldn’t be very complicated. After removing all the cords and other accessories, you should carefully remove the legs from your device with a screwdriver and lay the device down. Then assemble the box that comes within the kit, and open it. After that, put those foam corner protectors on the monitor.

Before placing the monitor inside, you can lay a foam layer, and then comes the monitor – do this on a flat surface and ensure you are gentle and careful while doing it. Use the tape to secure all the cardboard flaps, and then insert it all in the outer box.

People preparing to move
It might be a smart choice to get a TV kit

How Can I Move My TV Without a Box?

How do you pack a flat-screen TV for moving? Well, it is obviously easier to protect it by placing it in its original box, but there are some convenient solutions you can rely on if you threw it away a long time ago. Original boxes are ideal because they are specially designed to fit the shape of your device perfectly. They usually come with layers of foam, corner protectors, but in case you didn’t have where to keep it, it is not all lost. You can try and make your DIY version of this kit, and we’re here to show you how to do it. 

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How to Pack a TV for Moving Without Its Original Box?

Wonder how to move a flat-screen TV without a box? First things first – cut a large piece of foam sheet, big enough to cover the entire screen of your device. After carefully positioning the foam, secure its ends with tape. Don’t make a common mistake and tape the tape to the screen directly. You should also avoid using bubble wrap as a first layer of protection. 

Although this material is perfect for protecting fragile objects, be careful with TVs because it can leave some tiny marks on the glass surface. Another convenient method is to use a blanket or some other soft cushioning instead. In case you’re relocating in a hurry and don’t have enough time for this procedure, you can always choose to hire professionals for help.

You Can Make a Custom Cardboard Kit 

Once you carefully add a layer of foam, you should cut pieces of cardboard and place them over. Make sure you measure exactly how much cardboard you need to cover the device. It is vital that these pieces fit perfectly and there are no uncovered parts. Once you cut all the right-sized pieces you should tape them together over the edges and secure the cover from opening. After that, make sure you label which side goes up to prevent other issues. 

Another option is to look for a perfectly shaped box or the one having relatively close dimensions to your device. Once you put the device inside, ensure to fill all the space around it with soft cushioning material so nothing moves. If your device is big and heavy, you might need the help of a friend or a family member to carefully place it inside without dropping it. Don’t forget to put the remote control inside as well. You can protect it with a piece of bubble wrap and seal it with a piece of tape. 

Flat-screen TV
Make sure your TV arrive to your new home intact by following our instructions

Once You’re Done With Protecting Your Flat-Screen, You Should Follow Other Safety Instructions

After you are done with protecting your device, you should continue with other steps. It is essential to stay careful when handling the device, even if you followed all the previous instructions. This is especially important when you’re placing this carton in a truck. Every bump on the road is your enemy – that’s why your device must stay in one place in the vehicle. 

Consider placing it between two steady objects, but don’t put anything on top of it. Sturdy objects around it should prevent unwanted movements, tilts. If you don’t have a place to put it or think that furniture won’t keep the container in one place, you can choose some other convenient methods. For example, the tie-down rope might be a good solution. Tight the container to the rub rails in the relocation vehicle, and you’re good to go. 

Watch Out For Road Obstacles, Even Around Your Home

The road from your current home to one of the best places in OC shouldn’t be your only worry. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be unusual for your TV to get damaged even before it gets to the truck. For example, if you’re relocating with pets, you should avoid having them around, at least while you’re carrying fragile objects around your home. You should also remove their toys or your children’s toys and other stuff lying around the floor that might get into your or your helpers’ way. 

Cat in a cardboard container
Don’t let your pet get in the way

Can You Lay a TV Down When Moving?

How to move a flat-screen TV? Laying it down is not a recommended method of transportation. Knowing that your flat-screen is made of plasma or LCD crystals, laying your device might lead to damage. The design of your device requires specific weight and pressure distribution, so laying it down might cause disbalance that can cause further damage. In the long run, small cracks might appear on the TV’s surface and lead to further problems. 

How Do Moving Companies Move TVs?

If you decide to hire professional movers in Orange County, CA – you shouldn’t worry. They know all the right techniques and methods that will keep your device in shape and place. They will probably follow some of the techniques mentioned above, although it might be easier and faster to leave everything to them instead of going through the whole process on your own.

Professional movers in Orange County carrying TV
Professional movers in Orange County know how to pack TVs for moving

If You Don’t Know How to Pack a TV for Moving Consider Hiring The Best Movers in Orange County 

Once you finally have enough reasons to move and decide which of the best OC cities is perfect for you, it’s time to start organizing your move. There are many things to do before and after unpacking – for example, organizing important documents and doing the move-out cleaning. You may want to organize a going-away party as well, so hiring local movers in Orange County, CA, might be a good way to help yourself avoid any complications and stress. 

Whether you don’t know how to protect dishes or wonder how to pack books or a fragile flat-screen TV, our convenient packing service can be more than enough. If you want us to assist you in relocating all of your household belongings, consider choosing a residential relocation service or apartment relocation service

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